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This is about a boy who gets transformed into a merman thanks to an alien guy.
                    "Sorry sir, but the pool is closed.", the boy told me. "We have to clean it.", he said. The boy poured some strange stuff into the pool."But I was schedualed here for a swim meet.", I told him. The boy would not listen. "Sorry, but I already said the pool wasclosed. Come back when it's clean.", he said impatiantly. "HEY! I know you! Your that new kid in my class. Letm e introduce myslef. I am Charlie, Charlie Baker.", I told him. Uhh..., Hi, sorry I was being so rude. I'm Daniel, Daniel Coman. Nice to meet you. Sorry, but the pool still needs cleaning. Maybe you could come back in an hour or 2?" he asked. "Sure", I answered. After I got home, I went to my room and played my favorite game, GUITAR HERO. I played that for about and hour or 2. When I finished the, GUITAR QUEST, I asked my mom if she could take me to the swimming pool. "I thought it was closed.", she said while trying to calm down my baby sister. "It is, but my friend said that it would be clean by now , so can we go?!?! PLLEEASSEE!!!!!!!!", I begged her. "Fine" she answered.
            After my mom dropped me off at the swimming pool doors, I rushed inside. "WOW!" I exclaimed. When I walked in there , the swimming pool was sparklin white! I dove in. I saw 100 laps for about an hour. When I got out I picked up my towel. I saw my hands. THEY WERE SCALES!!!! I yelled. Daniel came in and laughed. "HAHAHA! You fell into my trap easily! I knew a little human boy couldn't be as smart enough as my species! I am a merman mixed with a little alien from my mothers side. I came here to try out our new formula to make everything and anything like us!! MWAHAHA! In a couple of days, you will be transformed into a MERMAN!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" he told me. "NOOOO!!!!!!", I yelled. When I went home I tried to cover up my hands as long as possible, at least until I got upstairs into my room. I knew that I would have to tell my mom sometime, but I couldn't. What would she think if she saw me like this. I know what she would do. She would sell me, or better yet try to kill me. I knew that everyone would think I was a freak. "Ok Charlie, calm down..." I kept telling myself. I tried to calm down, but that night, I was weezing. I needed water. I went downstairs into the kitchen, got myself a glass of water.
          My little sister, Sapphire, came downstairs. I ran to hide somewhere. She asked, "Is anyone there?". I didn't answer. Better yet, I couldn't answer. If she were to find me, she would have went upstairs to mother and told her, "THERE IS A MONSTER DOWNSTAIRS!!!" Those would have been the exact words that she would have said. I stayed in my hiding spot until she went back to bed. After that, I figured that I couldn't stay here or else something bad would happen. I had that type of feeling. I guess you could call it a family trait. Since deciding that, I went to the lake near our house. We lived right near LAKE ONTARIO. It was a cool crisp evening and the water was cool. I dove in. I swwam away and never returned. The only evidence that I left behind was a note on a glass cup in the kitchen.

To be continued...

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