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Chapter 25

The ground flew past him, coming closer and closer with each passing second. Certain of the fate that awated him as the ground drew close enough to touch he closed his eyes.and he thought his last thought
‘Well at least he wont be able to fuck her now.’

The gound hit him like a sledge hammer and bounced him back up into the air. Pain shot through his chest as he rolled in the air onto his back.

The ground delt him another agonizing blow and then he was skipping along the floor and soon he was gliding along it with a tremendous noise. He bumped into the concrete wall at an angle and bounced off, his shoulder screaming in agony. But he was still alive, and slowing down. He just had time to wunder why he was still alive when, his speed diminishing he fell through what had previously been the floor and he found himself floundering below the surface of the water.

Kicking and floundering with screaming limbs, John managed to break the surface of the water. Swimming around on the spot he looked for land and found it just a few feet away. Swimming with his one good arm and kicking febily now with his legs he managed to drag himself to the waters edge and up onto the ground.

Flopping down onto the only part of him not screaming in pain he looked back at where he had just found himself… it looked like a massively over sized swimming pool against the wall’s edge, only half way along and separated by a strip of land was a smaller yellow pool. John reached out his good arm and sniffed at his hand. It smelt, all be it faintly, of urin. ‘I must have bunced off that oversized toilet, before skimming across the… oh, my, it’s an over sized water bowl.’ He sighed.
“well at least I’m alive, and fox boy.”

In his relief at still being alive he’d forgotten all about the giant fox.
Struggling up to his feet with a great deal of pain and difficulty he looked across the huge pen. He’d flown almost all the way across it. But then he saw them… the fox had got Anrill pinned down on her front and was now trying to manhandle her into a suitable position, even with a bleeding cock he was still going to try to fuck her.

John’s blood boiled with rage once more as he watched him pluck off her necklace and hurl it away, landing between him and them. He saw it’s light out of the corner of his eye, but he didn’t care. He was angry, he was pissed. The pain in all 4 of his 5 limbs meant nothing* as he strode towards the fox. Only one thing on his mind… make the fucker pay.

Light seemed to pour in from somewhere, obscuring almost everything from view, but he ignored it. Screwing up his eye’s he continued to focus on that hateful fox, all else was meaningless. He had to pay. He took step after step, the pain stopped even registering, but the light… the light was everywhere, if only he were to have paid it any attention…

His feet were slamming harder into the ground, the light still glowing brilliant whit and blue. With each step he came closer and closer to his foe, yet he was the same size to John. Till finally he reached him and reaching out his arms he grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him with all his might from atop of Anrill and rolled him over onto ground. In his hate filled rage the significance of this failed to register… the significance of being able to stand over the fox and growl down at him failed to mean anything.

John was now as big, if not bigger than his foe and it, like everything else exempt his foe didn’t mean anything, or even exist.

“If you think I’ll let you rape Anrill then you can think again.”

John brought his foot back and brought it crashing into the fox’s crotch with a sickening crunch.

The fox, who had up till that point just been staring up at John dumbfounded let out an earth shattering scream of pain, virtually defining the guards who had been watching this from the safety of the wall.

John kicked him again, but the fox was protecting what little remained of his balls with his hands and the result wasn’t nearly as satisfying.

So he fell to his knees, landing his knees and his entire weight upon the fox’s stomach, painfully knocking the wind out of him. The fox tried Knee john in the back, but only succeeded in giving him an uncomfortable thump to the rump.

For which he was delt a huge blow to the fore head, with enough strength to knock send John’s fist straight through a sky scraper.

The fox didn’t get up after that… he wasn’t dead, he was unconscious… but John didn’t care as he grabbed him by the thought and began to shake him physically up and down.

“You son of a bitch.”

And when this had little effect he throw his head to the ground and raised his arm to deal him another blow and just as he was about to swing it down he felt two hands clasp it… he didn’t even try to swing.

“I think he’s done.”
Looking up from his quarry he saw Anrill.

The hate washed away in an instant as he saw her. She was ok… those words rang around his grain like a song, as the world around him started to exist once more. Pain returned, he flet the thumping of his heart, but more importantly, she was ok.

He let his arm go limp and he smiled up at her, even though she wasn’t smiling down at him.

She let go of him allowing him to throw his arms around her and he hugged himself to her, burying his head in her chest furr.

Right then, she was his entire world… she was all that mattered.

Letting go he looked up at her.
“he didn’t?”
Anrill shock her head, and John sighed.
“Then everything’s alright.”
Anrill looked down at him meaningfully and then ever so slightly shock her head.
“John, have you any idea what you’ve just done?”
John didn’t say anything…Anrill sighed and then bending down pulled him to his feet.

Only when he stood looking down at her did it begin to dawn on him. He took one glance at his surroundings, then back at the pool that had saved his life, now no larger than a pig’s trough. He looked back at Anrill and put two and two together and his jaw dropped.

He would later look back on this and be thankful that there wasn’t anything around to put the full gravity of his situation into context, like a building, or a person. The mental impact of what he had just realized hit him hard enough.

The affect was like sledge hammer to the head. He lost all control over his facial expressions. Staring blankly into space, before falling to his knees and then back to sit on his paws in shock.

Anrill bent down in front of him as his jaw flapped uselessly as he struggled to find words to express… anything. She reached out a hand and began to stroke his head, calming him down enough for him to say [i]something[/i]
“oh god.” There was a pause “what’s happened to me?”

To be continued…

* 5 limbs include his tail… it is his left arm and his head that are the only part’s of him not hurting

Chapter 26

Anrill pulled him to her chest, resting his head between her breasts, the warmth of her body and the tenderness of her touch was more calming than anything else on earth, but still the shocking realization of what he now was continued to sink in.

As he thought about what it meant to be so big he didn’t like any of it. What would he do? Where would he live? What would I eat? ‘Oh my god’ he thought… ‘what [i]would[/i] I eat?... people?’
“Oh god.”

He felt Anrill move beneath him and rolling his muzzle over her breast he found himself looking up into her eyes, her warm worried eyes. There was a short silence as John plucked up the corrage to ask the questions now turning over and over in his head.
“What happened to me?... what have I become”
Anrill reached out a hand and began to gently stroke his head.
“I don’t know how.” She said softly, “but I do know what.”

There was another pause, during which John shifted his head slowly back down, resting his chin atop her left breast.
“what? What have I become… other than a monster.”
Anrill grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him upright, looking straight at her.
“John look at me. Am I a monster?”
John just shock his head
“Then neither are you. You’re just very very big, just like me.”
“But you can get smaller… how can I?” he looked away.
“John.” She said sounding calm again, “all macro’s can become small again, remember. All you need is a little time and practice.”

John looked back at her
“That’s all? Just practice? But what’ll I do in the mean time? I mean what am I gonna eat?” he looked over at the pool of water in the far corner, now no larger to him than a shallow sink*
“I mean just a few moments ago that” he pointed “saved my life, I nearly drowned in it… but now…” he sighed and looked back at Anrill. “I mean what can I eat? Surely there isn’t enough food in the world for something like me.”

Anrill smiled
“You’d be surprised. Not only does the government supply enough food from surplus farming… 8and a few other places/8/… we also don’t eat as much as you think.”
John looked up at her, his head cocked quizicly to one side.
“What do you mean?”
“well err… ehem well… you see… Ok you realize that were not overly proud of what I’m about to tell you… well the fur covered ones aren’t anyway.”
“proud of what?”
“well you see… all macro’s are… well… sorta cold blooded.”
“cold blooded? What do you mean cold blooded? You’re warm… how can you be cold blooded.”

“I’m not cold blooded when I’m small… more things change than size when you… well change size. For instance my boobs are currently being held in shape by a huge amount of cartilage… that’s why they seem to defy gravity.”
“But cold blooded?”
“Ok… I’ll give you the short version… cold blooded animals eat allot less than warm blooded animals. Basically if we were warm blooded we’d be eating all the time if we were half the size we are.**”
“oh… so as well as being really big I’m now cold blooded… great.”
“Well basically yeah, but it doesn’t affect who you are.” She brushed his checks.
“You’re still the same sweet, lovable, handsome canine you were before.”
“Only bigger?”
Anrill gave an affirmative hum and nodded.
John sighed and looked down at the floor again, but Anrill put her hands undernieth his chin and guided his gaze back to her.
“Do you trust me John?”

John nodded his head and Anrill smiled
“I… I- I love you Anrill, I…” he looked away “I think I always have.”
“Oh John, I love you too... come here.”

And John found himself berried once more between Anrill’s boobs.

John felt so happy so relieved. She loved him. He kissed her as he began to rub his head against her and threw his arms around her… she loved him, that thought made him fee so happy. Anrill kissed the top of his head and began to sniff him. He in turn began to sniff and kissing her, the nearest part of her being her boob.

“Oh you…” Anrill said playfully and happily before squeezing her boobs together with John in the middle, before giving him a playful push, making him roll to one side. Anrill giggled and waiting for him to get up where they stared deeply into one another’s warm eyes, staring happily till out of the blue Anrill gave John a quick lick on the muzzle. John smiled back warmly and lick kissed [i]her[/i]

She smiled, he smiled and they kissed. They embraced one another and kissed again, only they didn’t stop this time. They hugged each the other to them selves and kissed, sliding there heads closer and closer till there muzzles overlapped completely, there lips completely around the others lips. When they broke off there kiss the just continued on… each hugging, licking sniffing and kissing any part of the other they could.

They rolled around merrily and happily on the floor like this for what seemed like an age, till John found himself on top, looking down at Anrill. Both panting in happiness. He watched for a moment as Anrill lay there, her hands above her head, panting happily, her chest rising and falling, those perfect orbs of hers rising and falling with each breath.

What happened next seemed so natural. He raised himself into position above her. Anrill still panting gave a happy nod and they were joined.

There bodies became one. For John there was just him and her in the whole world. With each thrust the sensation of pleasure and Joy was indescribable, not just from the sensation of there union, but from the knowledge it was her. As Anrill’s expression became ever more vacant and happy so did his. His eye’s half open his mind becoming souly occupied with Anrill and the task at hand.

The warmth of her body, the feel of her flesh against and surrounding his was sheer bliss.

Somewhere in the corner of his mind he could hear a humming noise, but he carried on.

He heard words but they didn’t regester. As they continued on they were more like an annoying alarm clock than words. Without stopping he looked up, barely aware of the world around him and saw a tiny little hover chopper hovering above them. He gave them a quick grin and turned his attention back to Anrill.

Anrill put her arms around him and rocked him back into action, and then said with each upward thrust.
“come… back… when… were… not… so… busy…”

The hovering sound continued for a while but went away soon after John let loose his load, much to Anrill’s delight.

John continued from on top for longer than he thought possible. By dusk he was shooting blanks, but they didn’t stop. They continued all the way through the night, there way light by flood lights. They tried every position they could think of, and whenever one was tired. They simply turned over and the other did the thrusting.

By the time dawn broke they were thou rally exhausted and fell to the floor with an audible thud. The lat thing John remembered was Anrill climbing wearily onto his chest and snuggle down for the night. After that he fell right to sleep, exhausted but happy.

More to come…

*sink = wash basin (just in case)
**this is a personal theory and is the full explanation behind what Anrill is talking about. It might be a bit boring so feel free to not read it if you don’t want to.

Reptiles and mammals size for size have hugely different food intake requirements. This is because being warm blooded is highly inefficient… if somewhat useful for cold or temperate climates.

A group of English scientist number crunched the numbers on a T-rex some years ago and found that it only needed to eat a human sized meal once a weak. Now imagine how much a mammal would need to eat if it were as big as a T-rex… it’d probably be hunting virtually non stop. So I doubt a mammal macro would be capable of hunting enough prey to survive, let alone grow. Therefore the only logical way to go is cold blooded.

This might seem mad but elephants are sort of cold blooded. There body temperature swings to lows that would render you or I brain dead. And they retain a good amount of the suns warmth in there body to make it through the night without freezing solid.

So if an elephant can be sort of cold blooded and still function perfectly well during the night then a 20 story tall behemoth can. But seeing how much body mass it has then it will definitely be able to retain enough heat to keep it warm during the cold nights and so it wont need to generate any of it’s own heat.

Especially if you say that the fur lets heat in during the day, then fluffs out at night to keep the heat in... Result a giant that is technically cold blooded, can operate during day and night and doesn’t need to eat the whole planet clean just to survive.

Chapter 27

While he slept he dreamt of her, of them running naked through sunny autumn fields of children and happy things.

As he slowly came too he groped the air to hug Anrill, when his arm didn’t find her his sense of euphoria diminished. But undeterred he groped again. With his eye’s closed he patted the ground either side of him, but no one was there.

Rubbing his eye’s he sat up. Still dozy he stared bleerie eyed around the pen, while doing his best to focus. he didn’t see anything, but seing as most things were a blur he wasn’t surprised.

Rubbing his eyes he looked again… this time he could see clearly. He looked left, then right. Then starting to worried he looked behind him.

She wasn’t there… Anrill wasn’t there.

Suddenly he was wide awake. Anrill wasn’t there! He stood bolt upright and turned round and round on the spot. ‘She had to be here somewhere, she just had to be’
But she was nowhere to be seen. he ran from wall to wall, becoming more and more worried with each passing moment. There was no one here, not even the fox he’d decked.

“Were is she? Oh god where is she?”
He darted his gaze here and there, but no matter what direction he looked, she wasn’t there. As he stood in the middle of the pet, looking round and round an overwhelming sense of fear engulfed his very soul. Shaking visibly he groped at his arm and muttered the same thing over and over.

“Where is she? Where is she?”

Without her life seemed to have no meaning. And between worried murmurings his mind rang with what if’s ‘what if she’s gone, what if I don’t see her again?’ each more depressing and worrying. Each idea becoming more and more drawn from fear than rational thought. Till her sudden and unexplained absence made the very act of breathing in and out seem depressing.

Suddenly John stopped his panicked mumblings and his jaw dropped as he remember just how big he was.

“Oh god, I hope I haven’t.”
His hear in his through he slowly but surely aimed his gaze down towards his feet.
“please no, oh please no.”
Balancing on one foot he lifted his other towards his outstretched hand and slowly turned the bottom towards him… nothing… only mud. Putting his foot down he quickly lifted up the other… nothing.

Still not satisfied he spun round to look at his back, but it, apart from the mud, was clean.

He sighed a huge sigh of relief.
“oh thank god… I thought I’d squished her, oh thank god.”

Now feeling shaky at the knees he sat down. Giving his pen another glance he closed his eyes.
“where is she?”
He sniffed
“oh god where is she?”
He put his head in his hands and a tear fell down his check.
“I miss her already.”
He sniffed again and he felt a hand reast on his shoulder.
He looked over his shoulder and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. It was her, it was Anrill, standing there smiling at him.

He jumped to his feet and flung his arms around her and hugged her as hard as he could.
“Oh thank god you’re all right.”
“too tight, too tight.” Anrill wheezed.
John instantly let go.
“I’m sorry I I just… where did you go? I was so worried”
Anrill smiled at him.
“I leave you alone for five minuets and you break down into hysterics.” She smiled at him then laughed and ruffled his hair. “You’re like a big puppy aren’t you?”

John didn’t mind being called a puppy, he was too releaved to simply see here.
“I thought they’d taken you away somewhere, to… like they tried to earlier… or… well…I”
Anrill put down the bag she was carrying and gave him a big kiss.
“ahh… how sweet, I only went inside to talk to them.”

John smilled a vague silly smile, then he thought of something, and stopped grinning.
“them? Who’s them?”
Anrill pointed to a corner.
“you know, them. The people who supposedly keep control over the macro population, that them.”
John wasn’t [i]quite[/i] sure what she meant but he made a guess that she meant the people behind the megaphones, so he nodded and hummed affirmatively.

“come on, I brought you clothes.”

It was only then that John noticed that Anrill was wearing jeans and what looked like a cross between a green shirt and a brah. It was just long enough to hang over her nipples and the neck hole was large enough to show off over half her boobs, her pendent once more swinging between them, and when she bent down to rummage through the bag of clothes he could see right down her cleavage.

“what would you prefer to wear? Jeans, shorts.” She looked up and chuckled. “I see you like my shirt.” She stood up. “it looks even better when you do this.” She grabbed the bottom of the shirt and lifted it up quickly, flashing her brilliant white, round boobs before John’s eyes.

Anrill laughed and looked down at his crotch. “I was right.”

John looked down and instantly tried to cover his shame.
“don’t worry, I think I’ve seen it before.”
She pulled her shirt back over her boobs and reached forwards and gently removed his hands while looking straight up at him.
“personally I take it as a compliment.” She looked down at it. “I’ll have to do something about that later.” She looked up and smiled wryly. John smiled back. He was now looking forward to ‘later’.

John bent down and picked up the bag and looked in it.
“so where’d you get this?”
“I told you, from [i]them[/i]”
“so what were you doing with [i]them[/i]?”
“simple… I was trying to stop them from over reacting and terminating you after you smacked out cold one of there combatants.”
John looked around.
“where is he anyway?”
“oh they air lifted him out while we were doing it doggy style… I think we were too busy to notice.”
“wait… hold on a tick, did you say terminate me?”
Anrill put her hand on his shoulder calmly.
“don’t worry. I talked them out of it…” her tone of voice then changed from reassuring to serious.
“but there are some provisos.”

John screwed his eyes up as if expecting a punch to the face and said rather nervously and slowly.
“like what?”

“well lets put it this way… you’re not leaving this pen until you learn to control you learn to downsize.” Then as an afterthought she added “make you’re self small. Oh and you’re going to have to take and pass all the macro tests so you can get a macro permit.”
“oh…how long will that take?”
“Depends… a few weeks probably. Maybe a couple of months.”
“oh… anything else.”
“no… I’m afraid not. There were two more things… I’m afraid you’re about to be drafted into the military.”
“ahh crap, and the second?”
“well the second, you’re. And I quote, to facilitate the fulfilment of my punishment.” Anrill lent forwards to whisper in his ear.
“that means you’re supposed to get me pregnant.” John smiled and Anrill leant back.
“and of course you wont be able to go war mongering when you’re busy seeing to my needs in that department” she shimmied to Johns side and leant against him. The feel of her so close made John feel warm and happy inside.

Anrill started stroking his chest.
“So do you want to try on some boarding old trousers or start making babies.”
“Me too.” Anrill pulled her shirt over the top of her head.

John smiled up at her as she stood up and undid her shorts. No matter what happened, he was sure they would be together for a long time to come... maybe when the time was right he’d ask her to marry him, little did he know though as Anrill sat in front of him, her huge boobs pressed invitingly into his chest, that she was thinking the very same thing.

THE END… well not quite…
More to come…

The revenge of the EX
Chapter 28

I don’t care what they say, I’m getting out of here, I can’t stand to go though another day of rehab. As if being temporarily crippled wasn’t painful enough.

She said to herself as she limped out of the hospital and into the bright morning light. It’s shinning brilliance forcing her to screw up her eyes. She hadn’t seen sunlight since the incident all of 14 months ago, when she’d been flung through the air.

With all the pain and agony she’d had to endured in the intervening months it would have been less painful if that cursed balloon hadn’t been there.

As she hobbled down the stairs the hate that she’d been growing, festering and culturing while cooped up inside the hospital was burning brightly within her. For a while the thought of revenge had been the only thing on her mind.

Reaching the bottom of the steps she walked up to the nearest taxi and jumping in gave John’s address.

When she got out of the taxi and looked up at John’s apartment the first thing she noticed was a huge hole with a flapping of tarpaulin inside. The thought that that horrible giant thing had eaten John pleased her immensely for a while as she stood looking up and a horrid smile spread across her face… then she stopped smilling.
‘How dare she? He’s mine, if anyone’s going kill the bastard it aught to be me.’

Her first thought was to rush up and see if he was there or not. If he was she’s simply throttle him on the spot. but then that hadn’t gone well the last time.

Looking around she saw an internet phone box across the road, just infront of the building that looked like it had the imprint of two huge breasts built into its front* she could simply nip in there and check, she knew his phone number, she’d rung him enough times for payment.

Crossing the road she, much to her anoyence found the first one occupied, a human girl was by the sound of things nattering away to her boyfriend, but the second occupied by an old looking Anthro fox, his hair and whiskers were white with age, but all she saw was an insulant mutant getting in her way and without hesitation she renched the receiver from the old man’s grip and wrenched him from the booth, throwing him onto the street, where he tripped over his old and slow moving paws, falling flat on his face.

She didn’t say anything to him, she didn’t need to, she just looked at him and the old fool picked up his walking stick, stood up and hobbled off.

Placing the receiver down she took the change that fell from the machine and simply fed it back in.

Serves the old fool right she thought, he shouldn’t have betrayed his species.

She typed in John’s full name and selected his species in the directory search engine and got 1 possibility. Clicking on it, it brought up a low quality picture of him, but the number was different.

She slammed her fist into the side of the machine.
She slammed it again
“Damn Damn damn”
‘oh that’s just great, he’s bloody well moved.’
Taking out her palmtop she turned on the display and aiming it at the screen she said.
“copy visual”
There was a recorded click of a camera sound effect and the details of the screen were now stored on her palm top, well she might be able to use this to track him down, but what on earth did “UK12-M148” mean? And why was it part of his name?

She spent the rest of the money trying to find out anything about the giant girl… but all she could find was some news footage on some dodgy looking website entitled “macrophile.com” or something like that.

She was mightily pissed off when the cash ran out, and as she left the booth politely for the person behind her (a human, she’d hardly call an Anthro a person) she grumbled under her breath about the stupid stingy old fox.

If she was going to find this giant, the obvious thing to do was to find John and get him to tell her where to find the bitch. Preferably using force… but to do that she’d need internet access without the legality restrictions of the phone boot, not to mention some weaponry and protection.

And for any of that she was going to have to go shopping. She looked around. There were no taxi’s but consulting her palm top there was a bus stop just round the corner.

Turning of the screen projection she pocketed it and headed towards the bus stop. On the way just after passing under a bridge she spied some infant children playing with toys, some Anthro cubs. Probably no older than 5 of 6. As she passed them she reached down and yanked the toy away from the young canine and gave him a good kick, pushing him into the other two. She laughed to herself as she watched them crawl over one another. The pathetic infants.

And when they came up to her and asked for there toy back she simply gave them another kick and threw it in the bin with satisfaction. Satisfaction which only amplified when they started to crowd around the bin crying because they were too small to reach it.

she was so pleased with herself until she looked back and saw a 10 year old [i]human[/i] girl reach into the bin and retrieve there precious toy and she actually saw her clean it off and give it back to them.

The sight of a human treating those abominations as equals infuriated her. ‘Stupid whore.’ She thought to herself as she rounded the corner and came in sight of the bus stop.

She was still fuming as she got on the bus. Her feelings of resentment increased when she saw the girl playing with the cubs as the bus passed.
‘it’s scenes like that’ she thought loudly to herself ‘that destroy you’re faith in man kind.’
And she turned her head straight on.

More to come…

*this is the building Amy flirted with, before pushing her breasts into it in the early chapters.

Chapter 29

On the second to last stop a young couple, obviously much in love got on and sat on the seat in front of her. She wouldn’t even have noticed but for the fact that the woman was a cat. She found the sight of them doing the lovely dovey thing [i]right[/i]in front of her deeply offensive, and almost vomit inducing, and as they continued to snuggle up to on another she felt her stop couldn’t come soon enough.

When her stop came she stormed off the bus as fast as her legs could carry her without physically running, and was out onto the pavement before the doors even finished opening.

As the bus rolled away behind her she found herself in a familiar shopping street. She knew exactly what she wanted, but it was just a question of finding it, or rather finding Him. The man she was looking for was a tall scraggly looking black marketer by the name of martin who just happened to have a side line in illegal guns*

It was just a question of finding which ally way he was lurking in this time. After all if she was going to take on mundo bitch then she was going to need some serious fire arms.

She looked high and low up and down the high street for most of the day, combing the back alleys and dark doorways she normally found him in, but he wasn’t there. Perhaps he’s been arrested…14 months is a long time to stay ahead of the law. She was just beginning to believe this for a fact when she spotted someone in the shadows. It was the other side of the market to where he normally hung out, but it [i]might[/i] be him. Looking around to make sure no one was looking and headed down the ally. It stank of rotting rubbish** and urine, and the closer she got to the guy and the giant green bins he was standing next to the smell worsened. But the closer she got the more it looked like he might be her guy.

The man looked up he had untidy hair, a dirty, dark blue jacket and a pair of jeans so dirty they had almost turned black.
“ahh it’s you… you made me jump, for a minuet I thought you were the cops.”
“Those Anthro lovin pussy hippies? Not a chance.”
Martin smirked.
“I hear yeah. There’s almost more canine’s on the force these days than actual people. So what can I do for my favourite costumer.”
“Same as last time… only bigger.”
The man glanced up and down the ally.
“Right this way.”
He then stepped behind one of the mouldy disgusting looking giant green bins and put his palm against the wall.
There was a hiss of an automatic door and he disappeared right through the wall, even though there was no apparent door.

She looked up and down the ally. There was no one. She reached out a hand and touched the place where he’d disappeared, only there was no wall just air that looked like a wall.

She stepped forwards and emerged the other side in a clean room who’s walls were covered in shelves, upon which was a serious amount of dodgy merchandise, some barely legal, others decidedly not legal at all.

“Nice hologram, but why on earth did you set up shop behind those disgusting bins?”
“Simple. The hologram fools the humans and the bins fool the dogs. So what can I do for you this time?”
“I need some hardware to dispose of a rather big problem of the hairy variety.”
“and what exactly did you have in mind to rid the world of this hairy problem?”
“a gun.”

Martin smiled evily.
“ahh, my specialty…” he turned around and headed to the counter at the back of the otherwise small empty room, and pressed a button underneath the counter. Causing an entire wall to disappear, and be replaced by an entire wall, set slightly further back and covered in rack upon rack of different weapons.
“so what method of removal are we looking at?”

“Close and personal. I want to see the look on her face when I remove her from existence… shell suffer for the agony she’s caused me.”
Martin walked up the isle to the left half of the room.
“how about a hand held mini sub machine gun.”

He pulled out what looked like an over sized pistol with an extra long handle.
“what that tiny little thing? What does it fire bullets?”
“you had something else in mind?”

“you bet I did.” She considered telling him about how this monstrous girl had turned into a behemoth 20 stories high, and that she doubted bullets would hurt something like that. But somehow she didn’t think he’d believe her.
“so?...” he prompted her, after a pause.

Regaining her composer she looked straight at the man.
“I want to see the bitch fry… do you have any HYED weapons?”
“Good god… remind me never to piss you off.”
Martain reached up to the top most shelf.
“Yeah I got one… one mind.” And he pulled down what looked like a small sub machine gun, with an oversized battery attached to the bottom.
“One High Yield Energy Discharge weapon. It’s ex army. It’s got 50 rounds worth on standard mode, or you can blow up to 90% in one go… I’m not sure this is what you want. It’s going to be over kill for a single target, besides it’s hardly cheap.”
She looked at the weapon. it was definitely too big to hide under her coat, but given the scale, should like last time things turn ugly she would certainly need the extra fire power it provided. And with the aim correction device it so obviously supported this time she couldn’t fail to hit her target. If it meant that John’s new bitch died then it would be worth every penny.

Without further hesitation she whipped out her credit card.
“I’ll take it…”

more to come...

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