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The story of King Ram and the biggest Indian Hindu festival, Diwali. A Naga Uta poem.
DIWALI, THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: a naga uta poem—Award winner

Festival of lights,
Is how it is known by all.
If you view it once,
It cannot fail to enthrall.

Hindus celebrate
It in Ram’s honour rarest.
He spent fourteen years,
Exiled in a thick forest.

He, son of a king,
Ordered by his step mother,
Relinquished his throne,
Gave it to his step brother.

With his wife Sita,
He lived a pure hermit’s life.
But demon Ravan,
By deceit kidnapped his wife.

With difficulty,
Ram fought and killed king Ravan.
This spread a great joy
On earth, also in heaven.

When exile ended,
To his throne he reverted.
And in his honour,
Houses were decorated.

Rows and rows of lamps
Were kindled all through the night,
Making his return,
A wonderful show of light.

Since that day Hindus,
His return commemorate;
And, Diwali celebrate.

* Written as Naga Uta form of poetry, a Japanese style, which is a poem consisting of alternate lines having 5 and 7 syllables. The first line consists of 5 syllables. There is an extra 7 syllable line at the end, so that the last two lines are of 7 syllables each. Rhyme is not a requirement. However, rhyming pattern has been followed here.

* Diwali is the most important festival of Hindus in memory of Lord Rama, viewed as an incarnation of God. The festival falls in the month of October or November, as per the Indian Calendar. In 2006, it falls on 21 October. In 2007, it was celebrated on 9 November.

* First prize winner in Nikola's Poetry/Short Story Contest, "Invalid Item, September 2006

* Third prize winner in Once Upon a Time - History Contest, "Invalid Item

* Editor’s pick in the Spiritual Newsletter dated 19 December 2007

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M C Gupta
25 October 2003
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