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by aagni
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It is for those who are interseted in knowing about the lost treasures of Indian histroy

Recently we had gone on an industrial visit to the Raichur thermal power plant. Exhausting though it might have been it was worth it’s weight in gold. Over there we were witness to the industrial might that India has to offer. It was here that I realized that India was up there with every other developed country in terms of power generation.
After that exiciting trip our next stop was HAMPI. It was here that I was again witness to the golden past of India. I have been to various parts of US and I saw that people over there thought that they had best history of all time. Before HAMPI visit I have to admit I had come to accept that in some way. But visit to hampi proved how wrong I had been. But I also saw as to how these things of golden past lay in neglect. I would be very wrong in saying that nothing has been done, but there is so much more which can be done.
For example the place we parked our van was full of dust and even though it said pay n use toilet, the toilet was closed. I for one didn’t expect this. Also the parking space was scattered with these scanty shops and cart pullers. This place which had so much to offer in terms of history was in such a state. This place has the potential to bring millions of tourists from abroad but there remains a lot of work to be done.
Now coming to place it, I would like it to say that it looked totally out of this world. It is said that in olden days the markets used to sell rubues, diamonds and other precious stones by the liters. Hard to believe but true. The engineering at the temple is such that it would put the Germans to shame. You will agree with me when I say that these people were amazing. Amazing for the simple fact that they could carve out seven animals using only two animals or even two animals using only chisels and hammers,
Another example of their technological no know is the way the broke down huge boulders. First they would make lots of small impression on the stones and then fit wooden pieces on them and dip in water. Wood expands on putting in water. As a result of this the stones would weaken and then they broke them easily. Also on the temple they had carved out the blue prints of it, so that they could use these blueprints for further refernces.They used these simple technologies to their great advantage. It is also said that the famous KISHINDHA KAND from RAMAYAN took place here. Also it is said that legendry god LORD HANUMAN was born here on ANJANEA PARVAT. The queen’s place was guarded by SHIKHANDI’S (eunuchs).This was to keep her safe from male guards when the king was not around. Such simple thinking was used by the kings. Both I and my friend aren’t great history lovers, but even we had to agree that it looked totally awesome.
I was totally surprised cause I could not see it brimming with toursists.Had it been in any other country it would have been a hotbed for toursists.The roads leading to the main temple it such a treacherous one that I must say I’m not at all surprised that I could not see people there. It is normal for us to eat from the roadside, but really if u want to attract tourists you have to setup fancy hotels, retaurnats, good toilets, proper water facilities and provide some English speaking guides. We as students were ok with the facilities but this is a world heritage site and personally I feel that there should be better facilities than the one existing now. There is also a scope of providing light shows at these places, which would not only attract foreign tourists but would also attract locals, besides it would also provide lot of employment opportunities. I was very happy to see that, unlike other monuments, the temples were free from unwanted attention from people; in form of etching and scratching by people. There is no doubt that HAMPI is as rich and famous as ROME or EGYPT, in terms of historical facts. All it needs is some aggressive marketing and some tough decisions on part of government to improve the state of this world heritage site.If these decisions or steps are not taken timely then there is no doubt that HAMPI will also suffer the same fate as that of other monuments in India

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