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This book is about the three main races werewolves,vampires and werepries
Centuries ago a war started for one werewolf fell in love with a vampire, ever since a battle to be ruler of humans has been going on. There is a catch to my story with the love of the two a new breed came to be. The wereprie is in the midst of this battle, for the humans keep going to them for protection. Now the werepriers have for many centuries been looking for an artifact which in all hope will finish this century old war. Now you all most likely are wondering two things. One who I am and two why I’m telling you this. Well who I am will come later and second I’m a recorder and record the facts is what I do.
Now first this is what creatures are all in my story and the part they play. The humans they are the food source for all the others. They of course have been the main source of food for years but are finally getting tired of being the food source. Now the vampires an evil blood sucking soulless creature, just joking, granted they suck blood but they aren’t that bad. Third are the werewolves, human by day, wolves by night.
Now many believe that they lose their thoughts when they change. That is false they are still who they are during the day just a little meaner and hungry. Finally the wereprie, A vampire, werewolf highbred. At first long ago there was only one, now for some odd reason and with no way to explain it there are thousands. Who half are trying to keep this feud going and half who wish it to stop, now that I have told you all about the triangle of life as I call it. Let me tell you who I am, my name is Eric Nolads, human. I know it’s all kind of confusing, how could a human know all of this?
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