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know how one succeeds
Who succeeds and who fails?

There are a number of traits common to all successful people.
 They all posses a certain type of mind.

 It is also true that they have ambition, vision, drive, tremendous capacity to work and a strong will.

 They also seize any opportunity when it comes.

 They never fail to learn from a mistake.

 They take setbacks and failures as challenges.

 They fight back adversities. They are persistent until they win

The list is very long. …………………..

But their principle cause of success is their type of thinking. They think in terms of success or achievement, abundance and prosperity.

Our life tends, in the course of time, to express the thoughts habitually dwelt upon. If we think consistently in terms of success or prosperity, sooner or later life will find expression to these thoughts to a greater or lesser degree according to the intensity of our thoughts.
We cannot be all at the top of the tree, but we can rise to the best position for which our talents fit. There are of course genetic variants: someone of us is more gifted with better IQ and EQ (the latter of the two must have been developed with the help of the environment too over which generally we have very little control), someone is genetically prone to diseases and so on. There are so many who are born kings and millionaires. There are many thoughtful parents who groom their children so that they succeed in later life and there so many who do not even take care of their basic needs to survive.
Many parents quarrel always and make life in the family a hell. Naturally, their offspring are in an obvious disadvantage as they develop more inferiority complex, insecurity, anxiety and sometimes self hate. These traits cannot be easily erased.
There are millions of poor but loving parents too who impart security feeling and love, ambition and a fighting disposition. The permutations and combinations of genetic and home influences are infinite. No two are the same. It does not follow that because A succeeded B should succeed too No one can underestimate the genetic and early childhood environmental influences and their impact on one’s future level of success.
The happy new is that everyone can control their present thoughts. By streamlining them we can achieve what we want. May be it may take a little longer and a little more effort for those who got a bad genetic and environmental combination. But there is always a way to overcome any adversity.
There may be many who have been ‘Lucky’ to get a good combination. It is not their fault that they got it. It is up to us to overcome the shortcomings inherited or otherwise and climb up.

As David Hartman, the first blind man to become a doctor, says,

“I believe that the ones who are the most handicapped are those who do not want to do anything special or challenging with their lives.”

 According to our ability we can achieve the greatest success possible. There have been a number of studies as to why the vast majority do not succeed. From my own observations I have found that negative thought-habits are the root cause. The thought patterns of almost all who fail are in this way:

‘We are helpless before the hands of Fate’.
‘We are not that lucky. However much we try we will meet with failures only.’

One may appear to be lucky and the other unlucky: but the cause of the difference can be found in the mind. The one who has a strong desire to succeed and has put in place a plan to achieve the same and follows it persistently has streamlined his thoughts.
His aims act as a centre around which his thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, revolve and they manifest themselves shortly while the thoughts of those who have a fixed idea of failure or sickness continuously turn around the same and they produce the corresponding reality.
The former is energized and inspired to be successful while the others’ thoughts are negative and hence no effort is forthcoming and his energies sapped by a hidden agenda of failure.
 While it is true that one may be born with, or develops later, a more successful type of mind, while another may develop (for no fault of his) a failure type, it does not follow that the latter must always remain a failure. His mind set can be changed by changing his thoughts. By implanting ambitious thoughts of success and trying to cultivate faith, he can gradually change the fixed idea of failure.

If the thought patterns are changed and trained to flow in a new direction, you will rise like a cork in water instead of sinking like a stone; you will try to come to the top of your profession or calling instead of gravitating to the bottom.
You will find that there is plenty of room at the top because very few use their minds in a constructive way. He becomes one of the favored few simply because he uses his mind as creative instrument and not merely for the purpose of doing a routine job.
Maintaining a consciousness of abundance and prosperity tends to attract these things to us.
 The mind is creative to a degree undreamed by most people and our thoughts attract to us opportunities for achievement and more abundant circumstances on the one hand or failure or lack on the other.

 Instead of allowing it wander where it pleases, we have to train it to think constructively.

 While others are spending their free time foolishly, we must, on the contrary, compel the mind to think positively in terms of achievement and engage ourselves in activities which will propel us forward to our goals.

 We can hold an ideal in our mind continuously around which let all our thoughts revolve.

 Constructive thinking like this compels us to work and strive while the others waste their time in pleasure.

 It will no more be a hardship but a joy. It arouses our enthusiasm after which every task becomes comparatively easy.

 Sooner or later, when we are ready, opportunities will come our way. The law is infallible:

When we are ready for a thing it puts in its appearance. And, we are ready when our minds are ready. Let us make them ready by planting proper thoughts all the time.

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