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Pretty angry when I originally wrote this. It's a second draft, please read and review.
Living for one’s own,
Are you never able to put another first?
Unbelievable, inconceivable,
How could you be so miserable?

Feeding off the happiness of your idol,
You can never let her breathe.
Suffocating everyone,
You overshadow and enchant us all.

Powerful, you are powerless,
You are only childish in your yearning.
Pressure overwhelms the rest to acquiesce,
There is nothing we can do, you are uncontrollable.

But learn, young soul,
Your influence is decreasing.
Understand, irritating youth,
Not much longer will the levies hold.

One day your false fortress will tumble down,
Every king’s power concludes at some point.
Whether death or revolution,
You can’t escape it the end.

We stand on the cusp of change; it’s time for retribution.
A rebellion is brewing in the streets.
Anger is simmering, upheaval is beginning,
Someday soon your tower will crumble and fall.

Wise, we have grown ever so wise,
We’ve learned how to outwit your deceptive nature.
It is all coming to a close; the gates of rapture will open,
For your time in power is now over; it will soon vanish before your eyes.
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