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by Hannah
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I did the first one called "A Broken Yoke." I guess God isn't done yet.
There have been times when I regarded my marriage as something that God would not approve of.  Nonetheless, each year I’m married I rely more and more on God and my husband.  There are things that I wish were different.  Sure I do…
Wishing things were different doesn’t change reality.  What is reality?
We are one of a kind.  Our husbands are far from the Lord; on the other side of an impassable gorge, with its bottomless pit.  We have taken the biggest step in our live - whether you are returning from backsliding or you have just become a Christ Follower – we have taken a step across that great expanse, and accepted Christ as your personal Savior.
So, now we are Christ Followers and our husbands are not.  So what do we do?
The first thing we need to remember is that we can not change anyone.  We are full of faults and until we can present ourselves as blameless to Christ our Savior, we have no right to attempt to save our husbands.  They are blind to Gods’ truth, so don’t try to change them, you will only bring misery on yourself and your family.
Second, you are far from perfect, so stop trying to make him perfect.  You chose to marry all those imperfections and all that stuff you thought was great to begin with, so shut-up and take out the trash, even though he didn’t and don’t grip about it.
hird and probably more important than the previous…
DON’T PREACH!!!! (Sorry for yelling.)
You cannot and I repeat CANNOT preach him into the kingdom of God, so zip your lips and hold your tongue.  He, your husband, he is watching everything you do and say, so if you claim to be a Christ Follower and then curse someone out at the store, you will drive him away. I promise you that.
Okay, so I have given you my don’ts…
How do I prove myself Godly to my husband?
Your focus should be proving yourself Godly to Jesus, not your husband.  When you accepted Christ, you accepted all His wisdom, grace, love, knowledge, power and His son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father. By following Christ you prove yourself to Christ, and no one else.  (Your Husband is closest to you and Will judge you harder than anyone else.  I would be leading falsely if I did not warn you of Satan’s attacks.) 
This is not easy.  Let me just say this up front.  This will be, by far, the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life!  Period!  Being Christ like, in this world, is harder than anything else including labor.  Everyone watches everything you do, including your attitude and your demeanor.  Remember that.  I also have to say, study Proverbs 31.  I really mean study this chapter in Proverbs.  God gives us women specific instructions on how to run a Godly household. 

You must be in the Word and You MUST Pray!

These two things will become your comfort, when all else seems to fail and become impossible.  Remember “ALL things ARE possible with God.”  If you need, sing your favorite praise song over and over to yourself, when your man is saying things that are contradictory to Gods’ Word.  HOLD your tongue and PRAY right away for him, in your head.

There is strength in numbers as well.  Tell your friend what you’re going through.  She may not be unequally yoked but her prayers will help you get through. 

Acts 4:24 When they heard this, they raised their voices together in prayer to God.

Praying over a problem in life with a friend can have a tremendous amount of blessings on you.  It can also give you a different outlook on the situation, or the strength and encouragement you need.

Psalm 17:6 I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer.

If your husband’s has specific things going on in his life that need prayer, by all means ask, your sisters in Christ to pray.  You don’t have to give out specifics if you don’t want.  God already knows the problem and how to fix our mess, all He wants is for us to submit to Him and ask.

I know I am leaving you with that word “submit.”  It is a very ugly word in our society’s eyes and mind; especially for women.  But you will have to come back and read some more to see what God wants me to say about that one. 

I will be praying over all of us.  We live in a world were a woman submitting to her husband is looked down on, but I can assure you all and even myself, that if I obey Christ and submit to my ungodly husband, I will hear the one and only thing I want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful daughter.”

God Bless.  Keep Praying and don’t give up.
In Christ I pray, Amen.
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