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by Harry
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A rhyming poem about Wild Bill and a refined lady from back east.
Wild Bill wasn’t used to having a lady decline
his invitation. A refined lady, with body divine,
newly arrived from the East, soon had a line
of suitors. Bill said, “Boys, this one’s mine.”
But, with him she steadfastly refused to dine.
“Even if you were to ask me ninety times nine,”
said she. “You’re too wild. Even friends malign
your character.” For awhile he could only pine
for her and whine about his fate, for no sign
of relenting did she show. Bill decided to resign
from the pursuit. So informed, she drank wine
with him. Wild Bill charmed her; by design
he plied her with the liquid fruit of the vine
‘til she was quite drunk. She yelled, “You swine!”
when she awoke intertwined. “Did we combine?”
“Several times, and even drunk you did just fine,”
Bill replied. She said, “By your actions you define
what a cad is. Am I another sacrifice on your shrine?”
“No way. You I love. At time and place you assign,
I’ll be there with clean shirt and boots that shine
so that in holy matrimony our love we can enshrine.”
In the affairs of love, Bill finally showed some spine.
Sex rightly goes with marriage, as this poet does here opine,
and that winds this poem up as tightly as a ball of twine.

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