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My personal critique on the state of some people I've met in life.
Hypnotic Repression

Close your eyes...count to ten...everything you've ever known, loved, hated, and cherished will mean nothing to you. Everything that's ever touched you in a way that nothing had the power to do will no long exist and these feelings will cease to be real. Your eyes will open to a new world and impassivity will take control. You will walk, talk, and act like you're another perfectly functioning member of society. You will go to work, do your job effieciently, and succeed by all merits maintained within society and to their expectations. You will no longer feel the need to love. You will no longer feel the need to hate. Feelings will no longer trouble your mind and heart and a euphoric emptiness will envelop you. The pressures of the world have been relieved. Nothing will change superficially.

Hypnotic repression.

Is this the answer to the discomforts of our minds? Is this the medicine to ease our isolated treacheries and the things that we can never let rest?

This inadequately reconstructed reality is obscene.

Sometimes things bother us beyond control. Regardless of our mindset and perspective sometimes it's difficult to stifle those things that we don't understand. Most of these things are derivitive of the people in our lives and the people that we make aquaintances with on a daily basis. On a daily basis we see pain and suffering. We witness obscenities and disrespect; violence and brutality...for what?? What is this purpose? When things bother us it is often the actions of others and mostly things we don't understand. Especially those of us who still have a shred of hope for the human race and its morality.
There's this standard that we all seemingly abide by. When you look at someone you're not thinking that they're a serial killer, rapist, theif, liar....we are innocently peering upon what's unknown.

I want to believe in humanity. However, through growing up and going through this flawed system we forget what's it's about. Instead a sense of superficial importance is placed on such things as one's favorite celebrity's life, the newest fashions of the season, or who has the best job, etc. We forget that life is not only fashioned for living but living with each other! Treating each other with respect and honesty...compassion and open arms. This seems to be lost. I know it isn't because I know I'm not the only one in this world to think this. It's quite possible that someone else is also thinking this at this exact moment.

It all boils down to truth and reality. Some of us have open eyes while others are still sitting in the therapists' chair slowly watching the pendulum of their life pass by completely oblivious to the realizations of reality.

There is just too much bullshit mixed with the beauty of the world that its like picking the picture out of one of those hollographic images...it's take time and a good eye.

Such is the human experience.
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