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Rated: E · Poetry · Holiday · #1365533
The night before Christmas...
The night before Christmas, the penguins all gathered,
Round the Chief Penguin to see what was the matter.
His flippers were flapping, his eyes were quite wide,
“I can’t believe it!” the poor Penguin cried.
“Santa’s gone crazy! His reindeer are sick!
And all his elves are hopeless and frantic!
It’s up to us! The penguins here
Will have to deliver the presents with cheer.
Or else the good girls and the good boys
Won’t get their rewards, their good child toys.”
Could they do it? The penguins didn’t know,
As they waddled around in the new-fallen snow.
They’d have to decide soon if they were to leave,
No dallying here, for ‘twas Christmas Eve!
A penguin stood forth, her name was Gothie,
“I know what we have to do!” she cried heedlessly.
“We must deliver those toys, if Santa’s not well,
Waddling thither and yon, through valley and fell.
We can’t disappoint those poor children now,
It’s up to us to deliver those presents somehow!”
What could they do, but cheerfully agree
That delivering Christmas presents was the way to be?
One penguin found a sack, and another a sleigh,
And another the reindeer, who joyously neighed,
“Thank goodness you’re here! Now Christmas is saved!”
The reindeer all cheered, while the elves raved.
And Gothie the Penguin hopped in the front seat,
Taking up the reins, a penguin elite.
“Let’s go!” she yelled, waving forward a flipper.
“Let’s deliver these toys!” she cried, loud and chipper.
So off the penguins went, across the whole world,
From village to town, the scenery swirled,
And at each stop, a penguin slid down the chimney,
Sticking at first, but getting down freely,
And left a present or two, wrapped with love and care,
For each good child to cherish and share.
And as Christmas morning dawned, clear and so cold,
The last present was given, by a penguin all bold.
The penguins saved Christmas, though nobody knew
But the penguins themselves…and now so do you. *Wink*

Line Count: 40 lines.
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