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A child's view of the world and what we can learn from it.
A child’s mind is something that should be valued above many other things. It is something free of hatred, something non judgemental.

There are many things they tell us as children and many things we as children believe. As we grow up and our minds become accostomed to the harsh world around us, we come to realise that those things we were told and the things we believed are not as we percieve them to be.

They told us that dreams can come true, that anything is possible and we, with our childish minds, believed them. As children, we saw nothing of the cruel and cold world outside our playpens. For us, the world was a splash of colour where no black and grey existsed. Now, later on, we come to see that the world is awash with those colours we were ignorant towards and that there is so much bad out there that the world seems dull compared to our full-colour imaginations. Our minds became hard and our smiles faded as the full effect of  the black and grey dawned upon us. Those people we knew, who we thought were so happy, are now burdened with problems that seem immense beyond comprehension.

We wonder whether they lied to us when they said dreams can come true and  that anything is possible because in this black world, how is anything possible? The dreams we once had of changing the world melt away as we look at the destruction and pain around us.

Is there any hope, we wonder. Can those beautiful, full-colour dreams we once had come true?

The answer, is yes. What I realised now is that children don’t grow up thinking the world is better and kinder that it actually is. They merely grow up ignorant to all the bad in it and know only about the good. The wonderful, striking colours they thought the world to be made of, do exist. The black and grey is still there, but children don’t know it.

Yes, we can make our dreams come true and yes, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. How, you ask, must we do this. We must become children again. We must see the good in the world instead of all the bad. And when we do, we will realise that the good is tenfold compared to the bad.

They told us that dreams can come true, that anything is possible and we, with our childish minds, believed them. The question now, is not ‘why did we believe them?’ but ‘why did we stop believing them?’

Anything, absolutely anything is possible with a child’s imagination and a full-colour view of the world.

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