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"...Subtract the intolerance... minus the bitter words..."
Love holds many truths for us,
For that we should be clear.
It binds us, shows our gratitude
To those we hold so dear.

Let us add our likenesses
The dislikes we’ll subtract -
The times that we agreed on things
And the moments we’d react.

Treasure love, as adding to
A dear, sweet legacy -
A personal chest we take things from
Which stores a loved one’s memory.

Subtract from love the intolerance
Of habitual miscues daily,
And minus the bitter words of those
Who claim to love us truly.

Love is more than a caring lift
To those whose souls endure;
It means subtracting many hours
Of hate which love can cure. 

If another person loves you,
Might that person love you best?
And if you love that person, too,
Would your own love pass that test?

Love holds many truths for us,
But the main one giving us struggles
Is that love will surely never come
To the desperate soul who haggles.

So all your love is special;
You truly won’t regret
Subtracting the evil, target aim
Of those who find you sweet. 
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