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Darkest Secrets

Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, Ancient Mexico in the 1500’s

The night was cold and lonely. Renai sat on the edge of the roof. Her thoughts on the massacre of her people at the hands of the strange speaking Cortez and his army. A sharp pain stabbed through her chest, as she remembered her brother who had been on the sacrificial alter, when they had stormed their village. His last victories against the strangers had earned him the right to sacrifice himself to the God Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec’s god of war. Then as he lay with his chest opened and his heart in the hands of the priest, the cursed foreigners had ransacked the city of Tenochtitlan. Her brother had decided to take part in the ceremony to win the war god’s favor for the next battle with the conquistadores. Her father and mother had been desecrated in their bed, while the invaders attacked in the dark of the morning. The cries of her people still echoed in her ears, along with the blasts from the foreign bangsticks. So much blood and so many dying children, how could the gods let this happen!

Anger boiled through her blood as she watched the evil man named, Cortez led his people into the homes of the Aztec. If there were bodies, they were thrown into haphazard piles and torched. If there were things that conquistadors wanted they simply carried it out. The useless gold metal seemed to be their favorite loot. Renai’s eyes narrowed as she watched them, her fists clenched she vowed to take revenge. She wasn’t sure why she still lived, the last one of her people, but the gods must have something planned for her. Her mind made up, she dropped silently from her perch onto the dusty road. Her family’s house was beyond the droves of plunderers. She was sure the things she would be in need of, would still be there.

The streets were littered with so much debris that Renai had to circle Tenochtitlan from the south to reach her home. Disgust caused her stomach to swell up in her mouth, as she saw the pile of smoldering bodies outside of her home, the pile of her family. Nonetheless, she knew she had to go in. She blinked her eyes against the stream of tears that threatened to flow, as she shoved through the door. Most of her families belongings were gone, but the trapdoor in the floor seemed untouched. Renai yanked open the door and dropped to the dirt floor. Even through her pain, a smile tugged on her lips. It was all still here! The weapons her father had said that they should hide, when the visitors failed to keep their end of the treaty. Even the clothes her mother had made, all was still here. Renai might make her vengeance yet.

Chapter 1
Present day, St. Augustine, Florida

The restaurant on St. Charles street was crowded with tourists as the summer heat blanketed the town with temperatures near 90. Renai’s eyes never leaving the man sitting across the aisle from her. There was something peculiar about him, she just couldn’t put her finger on it. She took a sip of her coffee and snarled as it scalded her tongue. He was watching the constant flow of tourists down the strip. Watched them going in and out of tourist trap after tourist trap. His attention focused for a moment on a blonde girl waiting in line for the after dark ghost tours of the old part of town. Renai turned her attention toward the girl, and noticed the tall dark headed guy at her elbow, seemed anything but excited about being there with her. Renai couldn’t deny that the seemingly tall black haired guy across the way was gorgeous, but she knew the rules that Huit had put down when they had made their deal. She couldn’t touch him, and at the moment the idea of that really sucked! Her husband had been killed in the raid in the 1521, and she had been having to spend the last some odd 500 years celibate and lonely. The memory of her husband caused her to unconsciously lift a hand to the scar that slashed across her chest, where the Aztec God Huitzilopochtli had taken her heart’s blood as payment for his assistance. Pain swelled through her, she was too lonely! As if in response, her cell phone rang.

Renai glanced at the caller id, and rolled her eyes before punching the send button.

“Hello Renai! How are you?”

“Hi, Huit! What do you want?” Renai asked as she lifted a hand to rub tiredly at her eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean? And, it just so happens that I have some good news for you.”

Renai groaned under her breath. Huit’s idea of good news and hers didn’t usually align. “Good news, eh? So, you’ve found me a gorgeous man to parade around in a loincloth and feed me grapes one-by-one, all the while, he’s massaging my poor worn out calloused feet.”

Huit snorted on the other end of the phone. “ If your waiting for that sweetheart, you’re in the wrong millennium. However, my news can actually occur in this one.”

“Okay, okay! You win this round, but it had better really be good news! Nothing like it usually is.” Renai consented, as she bit into the last of her sandwich.

Huit’s voice on the other end sounded hurt. “Of course it’s good news, and yes you’ll like this.“ He paused. “So, meet me at Lion’s Bridge in one hour.”

Renai groaned again. “See you at 8:00 p.m. sharp!

With that, Renai heard the phone click in her ear. “Is he crazy?”

“Talking to yourself, well as long as you don’t answer yourself.”

Renai looked up in surprise at the server. “Sorry, I wasn’t really aware that I had spoken out loud.”

“It’s alright, dear. You’d be surprised to see all that I have.” The older lady said. “Ready to pay?”

Renai smiled tightlipped at the irony in what the woman had said. If she only knew half of what she had seen. “Yeah, keep the change.”

“Well, have a good night, dear.”

“Thank you, you too!” Renai called back as she shouldered through the heavy glass doors.

As she feared the streets were chocked full of tourists in their bikini tops and short shorts. Renai sighed, it seemed like the tourist season never ended. She straddled her Ninja motorcycle, and started winding her way through the wiggling mass of bodies and other vehicles. She got stopped twice by some of the horse drawn carriages carrying tourist after tourist. The bridge was just ahead of her, and glancing at her diver’s watch told her she was going to be right on time. The line of empty horse-drawn carriages stood waiting patiently for their next rider, though the horses pawed at the cobblestone street. Judging by the lines of traffic going by, they wouldn’t be waiting long. Renai narrowed her eyes toward the lion statues beside the bridge, and two long black shadows were waiting. She swung her bike up on the edge of the sidewalk, well away from too curious tourists. Standing, she adjusted the legs of her blue jeans, then walked toward the solitary figures.

“Hey! What’s happening?” Paynal called.

Renai rolled her eyes, Huit’s messenger annoyed her to no end, yet he was one of the necessary evils. “Not much. What’s all this about?”

Paynal shrugged. “Don’t know. I got a call from old Huit and he said to meet him here.”

Renai inclined her head to the other figure. “Who’s your friend?”

The figure walked out of the shadows a little farther. “The name’s Teno.”

Renai couldn’t stop her gasp of surprise. It was the dark-haired guy from the restaurant. “Weren’t you just over on St. George? The name’s Renai, by the way.”

“Yes, I was. And it’s nice to meet you Renai. What’s all this about, Paynal?”

Paynal shook his head. “Told ya man! I don’t know! I just got the same phone call that you both did obviously. Where’s old Huit anyway?”

“You’d better be glad that I am so tolerant of my name being used so informally, Paynal!” The god Huitzilopochtli stepped out of one of the carriages that rolled to a stop at the sidewalk’s edge.

Huit dressed as impeccably as always, climbed down from his seat. His light blue suit reflecting the light from the streetlamps. The tattoo of the hummingbird peeking out of the top of his unbuttoned shirt glistened in the sickly yellow lights. Taking his jacket off he casually slung it over his shoulder, exposing the other tattoo of the sun on his shoulder. His muscles stretched the fabric of his shirt tightly across his broad chest, even though it was unbuttoned halfway down. Renai felt her breath catch in her throat, even though the man was undeniable dangerous, he was one of the most sexiest men she had seen in the 500 years she’d been alive. Too bad, it would never work between them. Of course, the mystery guy beside her wasn’t anything to sneeze at. His exposed biceps were as big around as her waist, and curiously he had the same tattoo as Paynal, Huit and she did. The same sun etched into their flesh. Who was he?

Huit gazed around at the people and the night. “We need to have a nice long chat, all of us. There have been some things happened and happening that you should be aware of. But, seeing as I hate the night and dark, were taking a little trip.”

Renai wanted to ask questions, but before she could she felt the familiar sensation of being jerked around the middle by some unseen whip before being dropped to the floor of Huit’s home. Gasping for the air that had been stolen from her lungs, she sat up and saw Paynal and Teno sitting beside her on the plush blue rug.

“I really hate that! “ Paynal griped as he pushed himself up to a sitting position.

Teno just looked disoriented. “Bright, isn’t it?” He blinked rapidly into the many lights that flooded the room.

Renai didn’t reply as she looked around for Huit. She knew he was nearby, then she saw him sitting on his blue and gold throne at the front of the room.

“I am of course a sun god, Teno. So, yes, I like it bright.” Huit intoned before taking a long drink of something thick and red out of his oversized glass. “You should be glad that today I decided against the fire in the hearth, thought it was a bit too warm for it.”

Teno looked bemused. “Fire in July! Why?”

“Best not ask that, and just take it for what it’s worth,” Paynal answered as he stood.

Huit ignored their conversation, while he continued to drink in long gulps. When the glass was finished, he sat it down opposite him on a low golden edged crystal table. Tiny drops of red darkened the corners of his mouth, that he licked off with relish. Teno narrowed his eyes but before he could say anything, Huit spoke up.

“Yes, Teno it is blood! And, yes, I must have it to continue in this humanoid body. But, that shouldn’t be a surprise to you. At any rate, that is not why we are here.” Huitzilopochtli paused and stood to where he was towering above the three.

“I am guessing that you have met the other two, Teno.” Teno nodded, but didn’t reply. He had just noticed Huit’s long fanged canines. Before self-consciously running the tip of his tongue over his own short teeth.

Huit’s mouth curved up at the edges slightly. “What’s wrong, Teno? Just realize what kind of person you made a deal with? I can assure you that I am no monster, however I do expect dutiful obedience from those working for me. That’s why I took your life’s blood from your heart. You see Teno, that was the rest of your blood I drank a little bit ago.” Huit snarled showing all those present his fangs. “Any problems with that?”

Paynal shook his head, while Teno mumbled something that could’ve been a no. Renai reached up to touch the vial hanging from the silver chain around her neck. The vial that contained some of her family’s blood. They had all given their life’s blood to Huit for a chance to obtain his assistance. For Renai it was for revenge, for Paynal she never knew, the length of time he served the god of war was unknown. It was Teno, that interested her. What was his story?

Huit waited until he had everyone’s attention before continuing. “I have a need of the services you wagered me, with your requests of earlier. My old enemy, Michtlantecuhtli, or Michey as I lovingly call him.” Huit leaned back into his throne with his arms crossed over his chest. “Old Michey has started problems again. His good buddy Ciucoatl, has unleashed his army of Cihuateteo, onto this realm again. These shadow creepers, night dwellers, have one purpose and one purpose only.” Huitzilopochtli shuddered visibly at the thought of night. “They want to continue the war that has raged between night and day for thousands of years. Since the time I severed the head of my sister and threw it into the sky to become the moon.”

While Huit continued talking, Renai gazed at Teno with interest, while he listened to the confessions from the god of war. At the mention of Huit’s sister, there was a momentary flicker of something in his eyes. Something that hadn’t been there earlier. Huit’s next statement caught her attention.

“This will be no easy battle, as we are day dwellers and they are the feces of the night. Stopping them before they turn any more unknowing souls into more soldiers for Michey’s hellish army, is our task. I have connections and know of some of their sleeping quarters, but the rest will have to be discovered and killed. I will kill the ones I know of, and it is your duty to find and kill others. However, I forbid you to be out at night, as it is our weakest time and their strongest. If it becomes necessary you have several powers to aid you, so use them. Any questions?”

Huitzilopochtli leaned back in his chair, his eyes leveling on each of them in turn. Renai knew that he was probing their minds for questions, so she cleared her mind of the quickly surfacing distrust for Teno. Something was curiously odd about the stranger in their midst, but even with her shamanic powers, she was finding it hard to decipher the signals she was getting from him. Lost in her thoughts, Renai felt the pressure of an intense gaze. Lifting her eyes she looked directly into Huit’s obsidian eyes. An impressively crafted black eyebrow lifted with interest, and Renai knew he sensed her discontent with the new guy. Damn it all! her mind cursed, now she would have to explain. She hated explaining things to Huit, things usually ended precariously.

The god pointed a finger in Teno’s direction. “Yes, I really do know where some of their lairs are, and no, I will not share the information with you. You will find your own.” Then he turned in Paynal’s direction. “Yes, I need you on this hunt. I can manage my own affairs for the time being, as I have no plans to go anywhere.” At last Huit turned to Renai. “You will stay for a little while. I need to discuss some other things with you.”

As if that satisfied it all, a brilliant flash of light streaked through the room. After blinking repeatedly, Renai saw that Teno and Paynal had been expelled from Huit’s domain. Renai rubbed at her eyes with her fingers, she was alone with the god.

Chapter 2

Huitzilopochtli smiled at Renai, exposing his pointed canine teeth. He stood up and for a minute his sleeveless button-down seemed to stretch to the point where it would surely shred. The god turned his black eyes on Renai once more, and in one smooth motion he swept his shoulder length black hair behind his neck. Renai hated the fact that she found the man attractive. He literally owned her, and she could do nothing but deliver to him at his beck and call. The most infuriating part was that he knew it, she could hide nothing from him.

Huit lowered himself to the rug behind her. “So you don’t trust my new acquire. Care to tell me why.” His words were whispered close to her ear, and his breath blew stray hairs around her neck tickling it.

Renai closed her eyes, she couldn’t afford to get aroused. “There is something strange about him.”

“Really? Like what?” Huit’s words were still quiet and he ran a finger along the line of her jaw.

“I don’t know! I can’t explain it, but there’s something.” Renai’s words were losing their force and conviction, as Huitzilopochtli leaned into her back and ran both his hands down her arms.

“Perhaps you worry too much,” Huit whispered against the shoulder that was bared by her spaghetti strap tank top.

Renai was losing it! Her breath caught in her throat, as Huit’s hands trailed down to the bottom of her tank. He pulled it up and off in one slow, smooth movement. Then he pulled back long enough to pull his shirt off. Once his chest was bared, he pulled Renai around. His eyes raked over her exposed body, before settling on the waistband of her jeans.

Renai saw the familiar sparkle in his eyes, as he lowered his lips to hers. The kiss scorched the very core of her being! Renai felt his tongue seeking entrance, but as she complied the tip of her tongue brushed one of his fangs. Huit pulled back slightly, but deepened the kiss. Renai felt herself being lowered to the rug. His hands roamed over her body, and swiftly undid her jeans and pulled them off.

Huitzilopochtli felt the tenseness leave Renai’s body. Trailed his lips down her throat, nibbling and nipping, he could feel her blood rushing underneath his sensitive lips. His hands worked in a massaging motion down the length of her body, and as his fingers slid down her thighs he was rewarded with the smallest moan of pleasure from her. Pulling back he studied Renai’s pleasure ridden face, before lowering them to the tiny strip of blue satin that kept him from her most private place.

Renai groaned, she didn’t want to admit it to herself, but she truly enjoyed Huit’s touch. Unable to stop her hands, they lifted to stroke the sinewy muscles of his back. The heat from his body met her hands several inches from the flesh. When Huit shifted his position to nestle between her thighs, Renai responded by lifting a leg and rubbing his side. Huit growled against her breast, as he felt her response. Renai felt his fingertips run under the thin lace waistband of her thong, then moaned as he probed and teased her cleft.

Huitzilopochtli felt her ready moistness, as his finger moved in rhythm to her responses. Cursing softly he pulled back and quickly discarded his blue pants. Then he lowered himself back into his nest between her legs. He trailed kisses down the length of her body, until he reached her thong. Then in one furious yank, they lay discarded with his pants.

Renai felt his lust in his touches and kisses, as she allowed Huit his pleasure. Her body was screaming for more, as his fingers and then tongue teased her. Moaning she ran her fingers through his hair, and arched her back against him.

That was the only invitation Huit needed as he moved and swiftly claimed her. Her warm wetness glazed him, as he moved at first slowly, then more vigorously.

Huitzilopochtli broke the silence between the two after several long minutes of his stroking. “Come for me, Renai! Show me your pleasure with my touch.” At his words, he lifted her hips with his hands and drove deeper inside of her.

Renai’s breath was coming in shallow gasps, as she felt herself building up for her climax. Huit continued to move in his fast but sensuous rhythm, feeling her pleasure etched across her face. Renai felt her body explode with pleasure, and she cried out in an almost pain as her orgasm ripped through her.

Huitzilopochtli groaned when he felt the new warm rush of fluid coat him, and then he felt himself ready to let go. So, he drove hard and deep one last time to relieve himself of the tension in his lower body.

Spent Huit rested against Renai’s body. She lifted a hand to stroke his hair, as she caught her ragged breath.

Taking a deep breath, Huit pushed himself up on his elbows and gazed in her dark eyes. “You are simply magnificent!”

Renai offered him a small smile, angry with herself that she had allowed herself to get carried away with him again. “Thank you!”

Huit raised an eyebrow. “That’s not really the reply I was looking for.”

“I enjoyed it too,” The words almost hurt coming out of her mouth. She’d never admit it but she was strongly attracted to the god.

Huit nodded. “I know,” He lowered his lips to her throat.

Renai braced herself for what was to come. As his lips tenderly nipped at her sensitive skin there, she felt the tips of his fangs rest against her. In the next instant a flare of pain shot through her, as they sank in. While he nursed, Huit kneaded her breasts, and Renai couldn’t help but start feeling aroused once more. After several long moments, Huit pulled back. He licked the corners of his mouth, as he watched her.

Renai reached up and touched the open wounds on her neck gingerly. She could feel them already closing up, and she silently thanked her shamanic powers. Huit sat up, and pulled her to a sitting position beside him. He kissed her on the lips once more, before pulling his pants on. Renai pulled her tank on followed by her jeans, having a brief moment of embarrassment when she remembered she had no underwear to wear.

Standing up he walked over to the gold gilded bar, and poured himself another drink. Renai climbed to her feet, but was caught from behind by Huit.

“Keep your eye on our new friend, but don’t let him know that you are. When you go hunting in the morning make sure to go well prepared. These aren’t normal demons.”

Renai paused as his arms encased her. “I’ll be careful. And, I won’t be obvious to Teno. You can trust me.”

Huit pulled back. “I want you to report to me directly in this one, Renai. Your powers may become very important in this fight. As day warriors we pledged to protect the sun from the evil influences of the night and night stalkers.”

Renai nodded. Huit stepped away from her and in a flash of light. Renai found herself back at the Lion’s Bridge. Her bike was right where she left it, and good to the fashion of tourist season all the horse buggies were gone. Sighing, she straddled the seat of her bike, wincing for a moment at a sensation in her mind. She was being watched.

Her eyes raked the surrounding areas. The feeling was coming from her right, which was back toward the streets of the city. Even though the street lights were on, she couldn’t make anything out. For a moment she felt almost envious of night dwellers, and their ability to see in the dark. The corner of her eye caught the tiniest sliver of movement. Turning her head in that direction, she saw Teno coming out of the shadows around the lion statue. A feeling of entrapment came over her, he wasn’t the one that had been watching her.

“What are you doing? It took you a long time up there with Huitzilopochtli.” Teno called in faked interest.

Renai wasn’t about to tell him anything. He continued to walk straight for her, and she took note of his ability to navigate the shadows without difficulty. She knew better than to turn her eyes off him, though a nagging buzz in her mind told her someone else was still keenly watching her.

Renai chose a nonchalant response to Teno’s arrival. “Didn’t you know? We aren’t supposed to haunt the night. Evil things go bump in the night.”

His laughter met her in gentle waves. “Evil things go bump in the day too, you know.” Teno circled her. “You don’t trust me, do you?”

Renai cocked her head and smirked. “Buddy, in this line of work trust gets you killed.”

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