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by Kiara
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An emotional journey into a paddock abundant with nature.
As I close the metal gate behind me I turn to find a large open paddock with the blue sky stretching across the rolling hills as far as the eye can see, with white clouds that resemble over-sized marshmellows randomly floating throughout the infinity of blue. I begin to walk into the paddock, the grass sways in the slight breeze, and a plethora of insect calls fill the air. A magpie, who has simply been named 'Magie' follows me close behind looking for bread to eat. Nature is at its best here, the assorted scents of a range of flowers mix together to make a beautiful perfume, and the grass shifts as vigilant kangaroos skip into it so that they become near invisible. I enter the second paddock, and I am greeted by a large black horse who eargerly nudges me, somehow knowing that I have food. The gate sinks as I stand on it, but springs back up instantly as I jump from it to my horse.

Returning to the first paddock astride my horse, no helmet, saddle, or bridle, just a halter, we are free. As we begin the long walk back to the gate from which I entered, the wind picks up more, the water in the dam begins to shift, forming small waves, the sound of the water as it laps against the side of the dam reminds me of the calming ocean. The rustic old wind-mill creaks as the wind spins it around, the horses in the neighbouring paddocks all raise their heads to look, then return to their grazing.

I motion for my horse to canter, the world around becomes a blur, amidst the pounding of my horses hooves, all that I can hear is the wind tearing past my ears, catching my hair and making it fly out to the sides and become entangled with knots. All the worries of the day become distant memories, all my thoughts subside, and all that matters for a few minutes is this moment, everything else is forgotten.

Alas when I return to the paddock some time later leading my horse, the sky had darkened to black, the white clouds had dissapeared and all was quiet, no longer was I standing in a amazingly green paddock filled with an abundancy of animals and perfumes from flowers that were beyond belief, all was dull, lifeless almost, but I started to walk, flashes of distant lighting form a storm out at sea fill the sky shedding an eeri light over the darkened paddock, and the deep rumbling cracks of thunder that shortly follow drown out all other sounds, I am no longer filled with joy, I no longer feel that the troubles of the day have subsided, and I am no longer happy to be out in the elements, as nature shows its dark side.

I let my horse go in her paddock, and began walking back to the gate that brought about my journey, I was filled with fear. The water in the dam no longer has movement, it was deadly still, and the reflection of the blue sky that was once clearly visible on the waters surface is gone also, replacing it is the occasional reflection of light caused by the distant lightning, even the sound of the wind-mill has become quite eerie as it spins around, I increased my pace.

I again reached the gate from where this journey of emotions started, I closed the gate with a forced smile, and prepared to go back to a harsh reality.
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