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by mapo
Rated: XGC · Short Story · Erotica · #1371732
Inspired by a recent elevator ride . . .
Just show me that smile one more time. 

The one you flashed me as you stepped off the elevator, like a cruel tease, leaving me there wishing I could go back in time.  The one that told me you knew exactly what I was thinking about as we stood there in polite silence while slowly rising floor to floor.  That smile, the only thing that could turn me on more than actually having my hands on that smooth, soft body.

Was it just ordinary courtesy that kept me from speaking as I watched you step onto the elevator with me?  Or was I speechless? 

The way that black dress fit every curve of you like a second skin.  The way your dark hair poured down your back.  The way the soft material of your dress hugged those perfect breasts, showing me just a little cleavage, but more than enough to make my cock throb instantly in my pants.  And as I searched the curve of that gorgeous ass, to find the outline of those thong panties, I had to stifle a groan.

I couldn’t help wondering what that body would feel like against mine, what your breasts would feel like in my grip, what your nipples would taste like, feel like in my mouth, between my teeth.  I wanted to know how your skin tasted, what the curve of your neck would feel like against my lips, what sounds you'd make as I kissed you there, slowly, wetly as my hands roamed over your hips, up your belly to your concealed breasts.  I wanted to know what your long hair would feel like in my grip as I tugged your head back and kissed you hard and deep, my tongue finding yours and savoring the flavor of your warm breath.

What would you do if I was to step up close behind you, lay my hands gently at your waist and pull you tight against me, let you feel my throbbing hardness against your backside?  What would the material of that dress feel like under my fingers as I raised it up around your hips, caressing the smooth skin of your thighs as I did, exposing the soft cool white flesh of your ass.  Would you sigh?  Would you moan?  What would that sound like?  Would you plant your hands against the elevator wall and tell me to fuck you hard?  Would you say it loud and aggressive, or whisper it demurely?

I could only imagine the beautiful sight of your panties tangled around your knees as you spread your thighs inviting me, and that pussy slick and wet and pink and waiting as I ripped my neatly pressed dress pants open, pulling my now raging hard cock out.  I wanted to know if your pussy tasted as sweet as I thought it did.  I wanted to drop to my knees and bury my tongue in your dripping sex as my hands roamed over your smooth ass.  I wanted to glide my tongue along your wet pink folds and trap your clit gently between my lips and hear you groan and beg me for more, beg me to make you cum, scream for me to finally fuck you deep and hard. 

I could only imagine gripping your hips more tightly as I climbed to my feet, tasting your pussy on my lips, holding the material of your dress up, leaning forward to inhale the smell of your hair as I pressed the hot knob of my aching prick against your slippery wet sex.  I could almost feel the wet and delicate pink flesh of your cunt sliding over the head of my cock as I felt my way in, and the heavenly heat of your pussy as I pressed forward, driving every inch of my thick meat inside you, burying myself in your slick tightness as my balls pressed firmly against your clit.  I imagined the sound of my hips slapping hard against your ass as I reared back and began to fuck you mercilessly, imagined your grunts and groans as you shoved that tight pussy back at me, desperately trying to get more of my cock in that hot little cunt.  I imagined the soft flesh of your tit in my grip as I’d reach around and pull your dress open, pull one lacy cup of your bra down, imagined the hardness of your nipple between my fingers as I pinched hard and slammed into you over and over, deeper and harder with each thrust.  I wanted to grab a fistful of your hair and clutch it while I pounded into, building closer and closer to the edge.

I imagined the hot walls of your pussy clamping up around me as you clawed at the wall and came all over my pistoning cock, howling for me to fuck you harder, harder still.  The slick heat of your juices sliding down over my balls as I slammed into you like a fucking jackhammer, letting loose my own primal growl as I exploded, pumping thick streams of warm seed deep in your spasming pussy.

But my fantasy was cut short by the harsh ding of the elevator as it reached your floor and the doors slid open, letting reality flood back in. 

And then that smile . . .

Give me that smile again . . .

The one that told me you were thinking exactly the same thing that I was . . .

. . . and I’ll give you something to smile about.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1371732-All-In-A-Smile