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Romance with a twist. Missing women lead detectives to a Vampire's dark world.
Eternity: Chapter One

         The silence was thick throughout the interrogation room.  You could feel it pulse around you like a living thing.  Despite that uncomfortable silence, the ungodly heat, and a full bladder that five cups of coffee would surly cause, the suspect didn’t so much as fidget.  Sorin Dechevney sat still and upright in his chair, a smug smile curling his well sculptured lips.  It merely made Livia want to smack him.
         “She isn’t making any headway,” Captain Landus observed as he stood behind the two-way mirror.  Beside him was Martin Brown, ranking detective for the Miami Police Department and also Livia Cleary’s partner for the past three years since she’d earned her shield.
“It’s only been a couple of hours or so … give her some time.  This joker is a hot shot.  He’s not going to like being questioned by a woman.  He’ll crack.”  Martin’s words were those of a skilled veteran of 20 years worth of similar sessions. 
         “You really think he had anything to do with these missing women?”
“If he didn’t do it, he knows something.  He runs a club, which the women all hung out at.  The three women were all regulars in his VIP room.”
“Then you nail him.  The last one was the Mayor’s niece, and believe me he’s no one to piss off.”
“You got it Chief.”
         Sorin let his eyes scan the ancient crack in the floor.  He ignored the discomfort of the uneven chair he sat in the same as he ignored the heartbeats of the men behind the two-way glass.  He heard them and their voices as clearly as if they sat next to him, yet he gave no visual acknowledgement.  He was much too old and practiced to give himself away.
         He enjoyed watching the female detective.  The way her breasts pressed against the silk t-shirt she wore was quite fetching.  No doubt many “perps” had confessed under such charms.  Her fiery hair was pulled back and rushed over her shoulders.  The exquisite color made his hands itch, and Sorin curled them at his side.  Her eyes were like clear, green pools.  Porcelain skin only barely hid the rushing pulse of her blood … to which he was intensely attracted.
         “You best start talking to me, Dechevney!  You’re too pretty to do time.”  Livia finally let herself voice her threat, too tightly wound to wait out the game much longer.
“If that is the best you can do, Sweet One, then I think we are done here.  You are, of course, free to come to my club any time.”
“Is that your best?  Hey Baby, I own a club?”
         “I promise, I do not need the club to find a companion.  Secondly, I did not kidnap, molest, or kill anyone, especially not a regular.  Wouldn’t that be bad for business?”
“Well, your lack of cooperation has set my Shithead meter off.”  Her voice was too desperate and she knew it.  Three girls were missing, likely dead, and she was tired of playing with kid gloves on for this prick, even if he was good looking.
         Too good looking.  He was right; he wouldn’t have to own a club to get a date, it was just icing on the cake.  His club, Eternity, was especially popular with the South Beach crowd.  His dark, brooding good looks, brilliant blue eyes, and evil goatee would get him second looks no mater what he did.  Being rich just made him that much more powerful … and dangerous.  The Versace silk shirt was merely the perfect presentation of the package. 
         “Such words are quite ugly coming from a beautiful lady like you.”  His words actually stunned her to silence, something she never recalled happening.  She clamped her lips together before she gasped like a guppie. 
“Where the hell do you come off talking to me like that?”
“I believe … I have the right to an attorney.  If you are arresting me, I wish to call mine.  If not, I am leaving.  It is nearly sunrise and I have been up all night.  I need my beauty rest, even if you do not.”
         The devil spawn actually smiled at her.  She couldn’t believe it.  He really believed he was “all that” and she would fall at his feet.  Unbelievable.  She wanted to ship him to jail and forget his all to sexy person.  Maybe, just maybe, that would take him down a peg or two.
“Perhaps we’ll just have you do that,” she hissed.
         “Mr. Dechevney, we are glad you came down.  If we need anything else, we’ll be in touch.” Martin interrupted the interview in the nick of time.  Instead of getting to Sorin, he had gotten to Livia.  Martin had been half enjoying her discomfort and was ashamed he’d let it go so long.  Well, no harm no foul. 
         “Thank you detective, I am glad to be of service.”  Sorin shook hands with the older detective; gracing him with the same smile he’d given Livia earlier.  He was a natural charmer, regardless of who he dealt with. 
“Here’s my card.  Call me if you think of anything.”
“I’d be glad to … does the same offer come from Detective Cleary?  May I have your card?”
         His look was pure sensuality and Livia wasn’t sure which she wanted worse, to give in to it or throw something at him. 
“Any time.”  She managed the words with a civil voice and pulled a card from her blazer pocket. 
“I’ll hold you to that.  Thank you for the evening detectives.”  With that, the haughty suspect left the station without a backward glance.
         Sorin didn’t stop until he was inside his specially built limousine.  He slid into its blessed coolness and pulled out his cell phone.  Like it or not, he had work to do and to hell with sunrise.  Three young women were missing, and likely killed.  It was all too close for comfort, as they were all acquaintances of his and regulars at Eternity.  Someone was setting him up for a fall, and they would pay for it.  He’d find them … and they’d be sorry when he did.


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