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Game show trivia
Alex Trabeck: "Well, its down to two bachelours, Rambo and Muzzy"
Lady Bachelouret: "Muzzy. If you met me in a bar, how would you greet me?"

Muzzy: "Do you like peanuts?"

Lady Bachelouret: "Yes... I like peanuts."

Muzzy: "Do like your peanuts salted?"

Lady Bachelouret: "Hmmmm. I like unsalted peanuts."

Muzzy: "Then, we should take a shower."

Lady Bachelouret: "Ah.... Bachelour number two: Rambo, what would
                            you say?"

Rambo: "I think we should do something positive, like go skating orh
            feed some pidgions, orh shoot some terrorist and stand up
            and say... I am. Yah know?"

Lady Bachelouret: (nervous smile) "Alex Trabeck are you single?"

Alex Trabeck: "Sorry, I love my mother too much to spend time with
                      bar flies."

Lady Bachelouret: "Oooooo k... Muzzy let's go to Mexico!"

Muzzy: "Yeayyyyyh! I'll bring lots of sented oils! (Wink)."

              Alex Trabeck and Muzzy and the Bachelouret take
              a bow.

Rambo: "This is a jip... I'm getting my gun."

Alex Trabeck: "Let's all throw a kiss!"


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