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This is about the pain of a break-up It Shows pain and hope.
He turned and walked away. I want to yell and scream for him to come back,

but no words came up. I want to sprint after him and tell him i still cared , and

ask him if we could try it just one more time, but my feet wouldn't budge. Maybe I

was in shock, or maybe i didn't want to go after him because he might reject me

again. I was frozen, all i could feel was my heart sinking lower and lower as the

reality began to set in. I saw him getting smaller, as he walked further away from

me, from what we used to have, and from what would soon become the past.

Pinch me, say the punch line, just tell me that isn't real! Tears are streaming

down my cheeks, but there is no point of wiping them more will just fall in the

previous ones place. My knees weaken and i hit the ground, still sobbing. I am

numb, but one thing is haunting my thoughts " this is as bad as it gets, things can

only get better." I thought about those words, as I pushed myself off the ground. I

finally wiped my tears, and began to walk, as the words rang in my head giving me

hope. The pain will subside eventually, and a smile will be covering my face instead

of tears. Someday, this will just be a painful memory, all I have to do is live

day by day, and keep breathing until then!
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