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Don't cry. Have faith. Your desire shall be granted.
    “Will you marry me?” asked the guy.
    “Yes!” said the girl with excitement in her eyes.
    No. I’m afraid this isn’t the essay you plan on reading. This essay, on the other hand, will somehow make you smile. Believe me.
    Every night, as I go to bed, before my eyes slowly close, the second before I fall into a deep goodnight’s rest, I focus on the ceiling, and suddenly, I start talking. I share about how my heart feels, and curiously wonder if anybody’s listening. Then, I face to my left, cuddling into my pillow, both of my eyes watering, tears falling straight down onto my face and into my bed.
    Have you heard one of Maroon 5’s latest songs “Won’t Go Home Without You”? Did you recognize the line “Every night, she cries herself to sleep, thinking ‘why does this happen to me?’ Why does every moment have to be so hard?” It’s true, isn’t it? I can tell that the mattress you’ve slept on for weeks has been full of tears, the bed sheets and the pillowcases are wet every time because of crying. You place the thickest and fattest pillow up to your face and scream to let all the pain out. How do I know? Everybody does the same thing, darling.
    Do you know why I write? I write because that’s the only way I express my emotions. To tell you the truth, I’m more open than you guys think. I convey and tell everybody how I feel in scripts, essays, poems, and songs. Writers are open to the whole world. You can see I barely talk about my “love life”. That’s because I only talk to God about it. I share it to you, but in a different way. I’m actually more of a listener, not much of a comforter, but a good listener. All you have to do is call my name and I’ll be there when you need me. All I want from you is to be there when I need you.
    There’s more to life when you dig deeper into the ground. Take a look at things. Try to analyze. Did you know love doesn’t make the world go around? It doesn’t. Love is the one that makes the ride worthwhile. It means the world goes around because people live, but without love, the ride wouldn’t be worthwhile. Imagine the world without people loving each other, what would happen? Terrorism, crime, conflict, madness, agony, suffering, distress, you name it! All this would happen in a blink of an eye.
    Love may cause your heart to bleed, but if you choose to turn your back on it, you’ll regret your decision, just like I did. I told myself “Love has brought nothing but more tears into my eyes, pain in my neck, pressure in the choices I make, suffer in my heart, and misery in my life. Why would I still rely and depend on life itself?” I realized why I thought of these statements. I was impatient. I didn’t have my faith. To be honest, I barely trusted in God. I know nothing must come between your relationship with God and you must never turn your back against Him. I know I must commit myself to Him, and I did. But I failed Him. That was wrong. I didn’t honor my commitment because of the misery I was experiencing. I was too negative. Being a pessimist doesn’t really teach you the values of life, neither does it teach you how to look at the bright side of every situation you encounter.
    Let me tell you two important things. First, never ever turn your back against God. Trust in Him. Have your faith. Second, believe in fate. It’ll come. All you have to do is to wait. Don’t try to commit the same mistake I did. It’s terribly wrong, more than you will ever know. But if you did, try to restore all the faith you had. It worked for me. Why not you too?
    Well, I’ve got one thing left to tell you. Treasure every little moment that meets your way. Good things come when you least expected. You never know how fast time flies.
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