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God made the world for all. Man misappropriated it to himself.

God made world in just six days,
From up above heaven.
Then he said to himself, let
Me rest on day seven.

What He made was wonderful,
Simply out of his wish;
Mountains, valleys, rivers, seas,
Full of fowl, beast and fish.

In His image He made man,
Asked him to rule the rest.
Little did he know man would
Go on a selfish quest.

He verily turned the earth
Into a hopeless place,
Emptying the earth’s bowels,
So cars may have a race.

Man killing his bretheren;
A country, proud of might,
Bombing so many countries,
Yet praising human rights!

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* Initially written as item 743467, deleted on 19 March 2005 and substituted by entry 335594 in "WAR POETRY--award winner. At time of deletion, it had been rated 4.5 by 4 viewers. Posted as the present independent item on 20 January 2008.

M C Gupta
29 August 2003
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