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vampiric eternal love with a bit of death
    The letter still being gently clasped in my hand, looked crude, pale yellow, and ancient.  I could not stop reading its contents.  The words were so simple and dull yet carried emotion and power.  It brought back painful memories, ones I wish I could forget but ones that unfortunately will be with me even after death, yet the words on the paper also seemed to spark a new beginning.  They were in neat cursive so I knew it was genuine.  I would know that strange enchanting letterring anywhere.
    My Dearest Kelly,
I write you this from the grave.  I am deeply sorry that you had to witness my demise, but I felt you had to get the truth from me alone.
    Yes, I died protecting Kumori, but it is you who owns my heart of hearts.  Keep it with you now and forever, and I will rest in peace.
    Goodbye, my sweet.  I promise you we'll meet again.
    Until that day,
    Ever Yours,

    I can still see that final moment, that final breath escaping Demetre's lungs.  I blame it all on myself...  Those seductive blue-grey eyes of his, eyes that were always filled with love when he glanced at me, were now like frozen glass staring blankly into mine.  His body turned cold and limp overtop of my shaky arms.  If only I did not insist on drinking that certain mortal's blood and bringing Kumori along... Perhaps he would still be here holding me in his arms..
    Oh the way he held me...  So caring, so... wonderful.  His long grey cloak willingly unbuttoned only to leave me lay my head on his chest.  That blue-ish-white hair of his falling over one eye as he went to kiss me on my lips.  The intense warmth that flooded me both physically and emotionally as he held me and whispered "I love you." in that deep british accented voice of his, which would sent chills into the very core of the sun itself.

    BAM!!!  My front door flew open and it made me return to the horrid reality. 
Making his entrance was Damien, Demetre's fraternal twin brother. 
    "Kelly, I must speak with you, now..."  He spoke in an unusually serious tone.
    "About what?"  I questioned.  Without a verbal response he took my hands in his, pulled me close to his body, and kissed me passionately, almost the way Demetre used to kiss me...  It was just too much.  I could not handle it and I was about to break.
    "Kelly, where are you going?!"  Damien called after me as I pushed him away fiercely and headed for my kitchen which was practically glowing in the moonlight. 
    "Damien, I NEED to be with him.  This very night.  That kiss...  It was just...  Too much."
    "What are you talking about?!  Look Kelly, I'm sorry if it was too fast but I just wanted to show you how I really feel."  He tried to speak in his calmest voice. But I couldn't even look him in the eyes.  He had crossed the line this time.  This disgraceful attempt to get me to want him had failed and pushed me over the edge.  I needed so badly to see my master's face again, to be held and loved like him.  With Demetre I am free.  Without him I am lost completely. 
    Startling Damien, I gripped the wooden stake carefully.
    "What on Earth are you doing??"  He questioned worriedly with widened eyes and a dumbfounded expression painted on his face.
    "I'm going home to my master." I answered in an unenthusiastic voice.  Without warning, I jabbed the stake into my own beating but broken heart, hoping for it to be full-filled with love once again. 
    Then everything went white.  And my soul was gone.  I couldn't tell where I was or even which way was up or down.  But I saw him.  Crouched down with a red rose in his pale white hand. 
    "Demetre..."  I could barely speak.  I was overwhelmed with emotions.  He looked up at me, his eyes filling up with light.
    "I've been waiting for this to come.  Here, this is for you my darling."  He stated beautifully as he placed the rose in my hair.  He wrapped his long arms around me and I embraced him, just like before. 
    "Where are we?"  I questioned.
    "Kelly dearest, that does not matter.  What matters is that we are together now.  Forever."  Gently, he kissed my lips, leaving them tingling and yearning for more.  Soon, I told myself.  Soon.
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