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by Lennon
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late one nite watchin tv i realised i didnt follo d plot, the program was an infomercial
The image flickers across my screen, fleeting, out of focus. I cant see them as they fly by, a momentary flash and then they’re gone, replaced a second too short, the screen burns with every passing scene, mocking like disgusted triumph.
There is no sound from the box by the wall, the electric pulse shinning through my eyes, my mind, tiny particles separate my body and my soul, the brain functions slow and nothing is absorbed.
A high shrill, like robot death breaks out of the night and is gone before a response, it echoes still in my mind. A bright light burns my eyes and I realise I haven’t blinked . How long have I been sitting here, how long have I been away, asleep but awake the dream still flickers on my screen. The picture jumps, a man, a woman, a car, a house, a plane, an animal, people talk without words, speak without sound, emotions bleed from their eyes, embellished tears, hyperbolised smiles.
The fear creeps through the walls, the outside getting in, the inside lurks inside its box, the walls flicker electric blue, my shadow rises and falls with each fleeting image, the box closes in, thought races out, nothing warms the body or the mind (night?).
The choices we make, the distractions we choose, this means nothing anymore, time drops away, rotting life, decaying breath. The show repeats every hour, the same mind-numbing deception, the same creeping death. My eyes struggle to stay awake, to keep consciousness in this delusion, the dream flashes vivid images imagined on my screen, the electric blue blankets my skin with its illusionary warmth. I sit alone in my house sized coffin, my companions just faces without names, I see my friends over and over again, one hour a week, four days a month, 7 months a year. I watch as they change, they grow, they move through their make believe world. I sit here and watch as the world burns around me, naked in my dark paranoid world, my body flickering electric blue as my heart fades away.
The closing credits roll across my screen when the hero lays down to die, the show is over, the day is done, time now to turn off the tv in my head.
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