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by Jeff
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Naughty photos lead to trouble.
"You can have them back after class," Professor Grant reprimanded.

She took both Blackberries and deposited them in her desk drawer. Chloe and Bryce mourned the loss. The whole reason they had bought the Blackberries was so they could text each other. They bought two devices and unlimited messaging, allowing them to text to their hearts' delight. Apparently they weren't very subtle about it.

When the class ended, Professor Grant handed them back their Blackberries.

"Next time I catch you with these in class, they'll become part of my collection."

Her drawer was a graveyard of cell phones and PDAs. She handed Chloe and Bryce their Blackberries and dismissed them.

Outside, they laughed it off.

"Gotta run to stats. Talk to you after?"

"Or during..."

He wiggled his Blackberry, grinning. Chloe laughed and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before taking off.

Minutes later, Bryce pulled out the Blackberry. He was about to send a text when he realized it wasn't his device. The teacher had mixed them up and given him Chloe's.

Bryce wasn't concerned... until he started thumbing through her messages. He stopped at one.

Skip your next class. Meet me outside library.

Curious, Bryce searched her Blackberry for other messages. There were several.

No money, no pictures. What's it going 2 b?

Thought we had a deal?

And, what appeared to be the first one:

I have photos. See attached. $500 cash. 2 days 2 decide.

Bryce opened the attachment. To his surprise, it was an image of Chloe, naked. Bryce felt his face flush as white-hot rage boiled through his veins. Someone had taken naked pictures of his girlfriend! And was extorting her!

Bryce checked the time. If he ran, he could probably make it to the library before Chloe.

With blood pumping and ragged breath, Bryce sprinted across campus. He skidded to a stop, as he watched Chloe disappear behind the library. Following from a distance, he watched her approach an older man near the thicket of blackberry bushes that lined the campus.

He saw Chloe hand over some cash.

Bryce roared and charged toward them. Both Chloe and the older man were startled as Bryce barreled toward them. Bryce plowed into the man, sending them both into the thicket. Bryce swung away, pummeling the pervert that had taken candids of his girlfriend. He ignored the sharp thorns digging into his flesh, feeling only rage as he hit the man over and over.

Chloe's sobbing snapped him out of it.

Bryce looked at his girlfriend, then to the man beneath him. His face was barely recognizable... a mushy pulp. Bryce looked at his hands, knuckles stained red with blood and berry juice.

He rose to his feet.

"It's okay," he reassured her. "I saw the pictures on your Blackberry. He won't bother you anymore."

Chloe was in shock.

"He's a photographer! They were for your birthday."

Bryce stood there, the reality of the situation washing over him.

What had he done?

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