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The story of 2 best friends who fall in love.

              He was prudent yet at first glance he seemed like all the others. He made no attempted to show his wisdom, though through his soft spoken words his hidden spirit shown bright. He had so much to say, yet he could not form the words. It was as if his true self would only bring him ignominy. He my best friend, his true self only revealed to me.  Now you may ask why me? I did at first too. The answer to that is though he’s my best friend he is also much more.  We share our secrets. We share our deepest thoughts. He’s always there for me and I’m always there for him. Through the years we have gotten to know each other.  He picked me up when I was used and told me I was too good for them anyhow. We became inseparable. It seemed as though if I was not with him my life became detrimental. Every relationship I was in couldn’t compare to him. Our senior year, in his quite yet wise voice, he asked me to prom. He wore a black tux and told me I looked beautiful and when he held me close it felt as if this is all I really wanted. I felt complete. And as the songs switched from fast to slow he took my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me for the first time. With that kiss I knew he would never hurt me and I knew this was real love.
           She was the least bit shy. She would always come sit right next me and start talking as if to tell me to speak up. When I began to speak, though I spoke softly, it’s as if my silence at first was exculpated. I mean how could you blame me when a girl as angelic as her was sitting beside me? Though as time past I grew comfortable around her. I was able to tell my deepest secrets to her and only her. She became a familiar face, who then became someone I could never live without. In the morning I was excited to go to school and see her. I couldn’t stop thinking bout her. Sophomore year she became a calamity when she started dating. The guys she dated would use her and leave me to pick up the pieces. How badly I wanted her to be mine but I knew I she would never want a guy like me. She wanted a guy who was superfluous. I couldn’t stand to see her get hurt again. Her label was set; though I tried to defend her I couldn’t break her trust. I stood back as the guys made her into perdition. There was nothing I could do but hold her in my arms and let her know I’d never hurt her. The years passed. She was there for me and I continued to pick up the pieces. Our senior year, the last year, I didn’t want her to leave with out knowing how I felt, so with crossed fingers I asked her to prom. My heart previously so languid was beating fast in my chest as I awaited her answer. The yes formed on her lips as she hugged me tight. There at prom on the dance floor, I held her close and kissed her for the first time. At that moment I knew I loved her more then anything in the world. Our senior year went by so fast, though I never wanted it to end. I knew I could never loose her.
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