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A poem I've written about how I feel with a guy.
I thought you weren’t like the others.
I thought you were much better than them.
But when I grew to know you further,
I found out that you had a problem.

I gave you everything I could give you.
I helped you when you needed my help.
I was there when you didn’t know what to do.
Still, you were only concerned with yourself.

I pretended that I wasn’t heartbroken.
Don’t feel bad because I do that often.
I pretended that everything was alright.
Now I’m sick of crying all night.

Pretending doesn’t solve my case anymore.
Now I know that you’re not worth-fighting for.
You’re just another guy who passed by.
Somehow, it’s still hard to say goodbye.

I thought you were the one I was going to be with.
It’s not gonna happen because with you, I can’t breathe.
Just go and find yourself another one to hold on.
At this rate, I prefer to be all on my own.

Why’d you have to pick me?
Of all the girls, you chose the wrong one.
You were too blind to be able to see,
if things are still there or are they gone?

People like you will get nowhere.
People like you don’t really care.
People like you don’t know what’s what.
Coz people like you are full of crap.

You did nothin’ but bring more and more sadness to my life.
At this point, I’d rather stab my heart with a knife.
I don’t wanna live no longer.
But without you, I’d be stronger.

You blew it all out of proportion.
With you, I have no other option,
But to dump you like there’s no more hope.
Because with guys like you, I cannot cope.

I was already stupid enough to fall for you.
Don’t make me do it all over again.
I was out of my mind when I had no clue,
that things I thought of were just in my mind.

There are a lot more things I have to say.
I just can’t say it because they’re so cold.
Because of you, you will repay,
all the sorrow you brought to my life.
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