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This is what Mattie says to her baby
First draft, so excuse the sloppiness =]


“She’s dying Felix, my baby is dying, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it” tears started cascading down her face, Felix held her tightly trying desperately to calm and comfort her. Mattie broke away briefly stopping her tears.
“Look at me, she has hours to live” Mattie stopped and chocked on the need to cry again “hours to live, and this is how I’m spending it, crying my eyes out, I should be in there next to her”

As Mattie ignored the stool for her to sit on, and stood by the incubator, looking at her baby with wires covering all 5 inches of her. Mattie chocked on the need to cry again.
“I want her to see me strong” she turned to Felix and said, he offered his hand, and Mattie gladly held it.
“Look at her, she’s beautiful. And you’re a mummy” Felix put his arm around her, both to comfort her even more, and to offer his congratulations on her motherhood. Mattie smiled at Felix’s comment, and then a tear ran down her cheek, but she did not sob.
“My baby girl. Mummy’s here” She moved closer to the incubator and away from Felix, kneeled down and looked through the side of the container. “Can you be a brave girl for mummy? You’re doing so well, and I’m so proud of you. I want you to know that mummy and daddy both love you very much and we’ll always be here. Oh you’re doing so well, you brave little thing” Mattie stood up and looked into the incubator from above. She raised her hand and dropped it inside the plastic box. At first it just lied there, but after a few moments Mattie managed to move it closer to her baby, and eventually touched her, Mattie’s fingernail was much bigger than the baby’s hand. She slowly and gently stroked the baby’s skin. “You’ll be okay; you’re strong like your daddy, and stubborn like your mummy. And you’ll get well, and you won’t need these wires, I’ll be able to dress you in pretty dresses, and you can have lots of little tiny baby shoes. And we’ll go home, and you’ll have a nice big crib for you to sleep in. And you’ll cry in the night to let mummy know you miss her, and I won’t mind ‘cause I’ll miss you too. You can see you grandma and grandpa, ‘cause they love you too, and Aunty Leila. We’ll get you a pushchair, and take you on walks in the park, and across the beach, and when you’re old enough we’ll get you an ice cream. We’ll teach you to talk, and you’ll understand how much mummy loves you, and how proud I am, because I am, so much.” That was too much for Mattie; all the tears she had been holding back forced themselves out and gushed down her face, Felix held her tight, and turned her away from the incubator
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