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Written for Sherri Gibson's Coloring The World Contest using her title prompt.
Author's note: I know the pain and sorrow of death,
but I chose to write this with a touch of humor for the inevitable.
There is too much sadness in the world.


When Death calls, I hope I'm not at home;
I hope he gives up and leaves me alone!
I'm not ready yet, and I don't have the gall
to answer, when Death makes his call.

I love the sunlight, I love the blue sky,
Death, I'm not about to give up and die!
There's so much to do before I lay down
my poor old tired body under the ground.

I'll turn up the music so I don't hear a knock,
If he opens his mouth, I'll stuff it with a sock!
There's many good people who want me alive,
so I will do my darndest to try and survive!

I don't want to think of my children in tears,
although they think that I'm way up in years.
Seventy-two should be a good year full of fun,
I'm thinking of the things I still haven't done.

If by some rare chance I do open the door,
if Death stands smirking, with me on the floor;
I'll figure a way to get out of that great plight,
and tell him "Sorry, I can't go out tonight!"

There's no Welcome Mat outside my home,
a sure sign that I want to be left alone!
So, Death, take a hike and forget about me,
I'm happy, I'm here and I want to stay free!


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