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life in comparison to wine
Finely aged and wizened by the fruits
Of my labor, and my love of this time;
My eyes still well with tears while I
Search horizons of my yesterdays,
However- content with what they find.

On this day as smoky twilight nears,
I reflect, while changing hues enhance
And blend so softly this day’s end;
My life, and loved ones so dearly missed.
The ordinaires, the meads, the sparkling,
And most of all- the vintage ports.

The final assemblage is intoxicating.
In each person loved, a perfect balance;
Within my heart a potent harmony.
Bitterness played upon my tongue at times,
But the fragrance of fruit and flowers,
By will and work, would always overcome.

My empty glass is set down gently, so
Many textures tasted through the years.
Now Riesling turns to blush then cabernet-
As wrinkled skin submits to ripened skies,
And a mellow hush settles upon me.

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