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"...The squirrels restore their soon-to-be winter hideaways to full capacity..."
The brown squirrels,
Running purposefully and respectably
From the busy, common humans,
Seek to gather copious amounts of berries and nuts
From their woody, green surroundings.
The change of seasons, so dramatic and swift,
Will incapacitate the bushes and trees
From producing their life-sustaining, nutritious food;
The long winters require much food be stored
In the hollow, healthy trees
Which the squirrels call home.

Often appearing fearful, then relaxed,
The fluffy-tailed creatures
Scamper and pause,
On four legs, then two,
Appearing out of nowhere.
They seek to hide from the view
Of the people, pets, and automobiles
Who take uncasual notice of them.

Efficiently calm, yet noticeably nervous,
The squirrels restore their soon-to-be
Winter hideaways to full capacity.
With few months left before
The coming of the cold, wet, and
Often hazardous conditions of winter,
The squirrels coolly and kindly scavenge,
Always out and about,
The cautious heroes of humanity’s parks
And neighborhoods.
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