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by Jeff
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A change of venue. (Struck By Lighting FF Entry, 2/20/08)
The harsh neon lights of The Strip disgusted him. The sickening colors cast a grotesque, unnatural glow on the pedestrians that passed his sedan. When the light turned green, the man sped through the intersection and turned onto the nearest side street.

He realized that he had taken a dead-end street leading to one of the casino's employee parking lots. Pulling into an empty space at the back of the parking area, he rested his head on the steering wheel.

This move had been a mistake.

What had he been thinking?

He took a few moments to compose himself, knowing he would have to venture back out the way he came and rejoin the incandescent nightmare that was Las Vegas Boulevard.

The sound of laughter startled him out of his malaise.

Lifting his head off the steering wheel, he saw a group of young girls emerge from the casino. He noticed their skimpy outfits; the most intimate areas of their femininity barely concealed by sequins and spandex.

Suddenly, he felt that familiar sensation... the animal lust, counterbalanced with intense curiosity. He adjusted himself, feeling the stirrings of an erection as he watched these girls... one in particular. She carried herself a certain way; even though they looked practically identical, there was something about this girl that struck his fancy. Any one of them would have sufficed, but she was his favorite.

He imagined taking her back to his place. The basement wasn't finished, but the essentials were there. He would offer her a tour of the house. When they reached the basement, he would quietly secure the lock and savor the familiar cascade of emotions as they played across her face... confusion, trepidation, fear, pain... and finally acceptance. It was that final surrender that aroused him most... the moment where all of someone's hope for survival is destroyed.

Like the others in London, he would then explore her defeated body, using it for his own sexual gratification as he cut her open and inspected every contour of her dissected insides.

His favorite subject searched for her keys as the other girls left, one by one. When just the two of them remained in the parking lot, he shifted his car into gear and slowly pulled up beside her, admiring the toned musculature that moved gracefully beneath her supple, inviting skin. She was going to be an excellent specimen, he could tell.


Hours later, the man emerged from his basement, hands and clothes stained a dark crimson. He picked at a clump of coagulated blood that had dried under his fingernail, allowing himself a brief moment to relish his feelings of utter gratification.

He then thought back to the other women he had seen that evening, debating whether or not to change clothes and go back out there. He smiled as he thought of all the opportunities this town had to offer someone of his discriminating tastes.

Maybe Las Vegas wasn't going to be so bad after all...

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