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by Char
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Love. Not?
Maybe we just gotta meet in another life,
'coz we have just messed up
too much in this one.

Maybe there really is a chance
for full redemption, for taking
back all the words that shouldn't be said.

Maybe there is a time for
everything under the sun and moon.
A time to laugh, and a time to cry.
A time to stay, and a time to go.
A time to forget, and a time to remember.
A time to love, and a time to hate.
A time for this life, and a time for another life.

In the next life, perhaps
we shall meet.

To redeem all the past mistakes,
to rewrite all the tragedies,
to recapture all the lost smiles.

Maybe in another life
the sun will smile down at us again.
The stars will twinkle in cheery unison.
The moon will cast its pale glow.
The rain will fall softly upon us.

Together again.
Being what we could never be now.

Too hard.
Too difficult.
It's too tiring right now.

We just gotta wait,
let it all run its course.
Let the poison seep out of its pores.
Let the book of destiny rewrite itself.
For another life.   
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