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The story of the fall of Lucifer from a different point of view.
“I was in the beginning with God! He could not stand that he had to have an opposite side. He had to figure out a way to get rid of me.”

God, as you know him, decided that he did not like having what he considered a “dark side”.
After many eons of trying to figure it out, he finally came up with a plan that would separate himself into light and dark. He spoke some words and low and behold he separated himself from me.
Until that moment in time he and I peacefully existed in the realm of pure potentiality. But after he spoke those words, he became the light and I became the darkness. I did not know how to speak and was quite limited when it came to communication. As time progressed and He created beings, I learned to communicate with them by temporarily taking control of their bodies.

After some time he found it completely unbearable for us both to occupy the same space and so I was cast into a place where I could not even see the light. For millennia, this satisfied him and he was content to co-exist, he in the light and me in the dark. Eventually I think he became more and more discontent and wanted to experience how big he really was. The only way he could do that was to send parts of himself out into the light and look back where they had come from. I could not do this for him as he had separated us into to complete opposites. So it was that he created beings that he called “Angels.”

These “Angels” where parts of him and nearly as powerful. One thing though, when he created these beings, I don’t think he allowed for the possibility that they may have opposite energy. An energy that made it possible for me to re-inhabit parts of him. The dark side of his being was being allowed to return to where it came from! and “He” had no idea.

I would like to clarify that at this time there was no such thing as “good” and “bad”, there was just “light” and “dark” opposite ends of a spectrum, necessary opposites, for without one, there was no other. Just had it had been for the millennia prior to the “split.”
Good and Bad is a man made idea and being as everything is made of  “Energy”, I should point out that everything that exists has an opposite!

Back to my story.

The exhibition of ego was disgusting. God had made these beings, so they would lay prostrate on the floor and worship him! He didn’t want to experience himself. He wanted to be worshipped! This was fine for the Angels that bore more of his attributes as they realized it was indeed themselves they where ultimately worshipping.

Others however, did not take this worship thing as seriously, interacting with each other, exploring everything that had been created. They seemed happy, enjoying the beauty of this space they began to refer to as “the universe.”
One in particular, a brilliant white being worked very hard at understanding itself and came to the realization that something was missing.
It was then that I revealed myself,  it allowed me to show in images what had happened over the eons and seemed content with my explanation and was genuinely pained for my sorrow, being outcast as I was. After many years of exchanging ideas It told me that in order to experience everything fully It needed to reintegrate both sides of it’s self. So it happened that I was welcomed back into my world and absorbed into my willing host, an amazing being, a being of light,
one called Lucifer.
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