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by Dadgad
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an essay on Australia
Australia is north of the Southern ocean, east of the Indian, and south of the Pacific. Its major landforms are mainly deserts, but there are some ski resorts in the southern parts too. There is also a bunch of tropical and grassland areas in the outskirts.
The most common kind of animal in Australia is a marsupial. Kangaroos, wombats, possums, and koalas fit in that category. Snakes, platypuses, tasmanian devils, tigers and wolves, bats, owls, dingoes, moles, and lizards are a few types of animals in Australia.
In some ways, Australia is just the opposite of Antarctica. The temperatures vary from 10°F-122°F.
Also, in some ways it is the same, because it is just one country: Australia.
The Murray River is the longest and prettiest river in Australia. It is most famous for its sandy beaches. You can find it in Victoria, a state at the southern point of Australia.
Barley, Corn, Peanut, Rice, Soybean, Wheat, Potatoes, and, Sugarcane are some types of crops that you might have heard of. However, have you heard of Millet, Sorghum, and Rapeseed? These are all types of crops in Australia.
The Australian flag has the British one up in the top left hand corner. Which is a red cross and an x with white around it. Six stars with seven points and a small one with only five points Surround it.
Their population is about 20,351,000. Their capital is Canberra, it has about 373,000 people within the city itself. It is about 7,692,024 square km or 2,969,906 square miles, and their life expectancy is about 80.
I would love to visit Australia because, everything there would be new to me, but if I lived there, everything would get old after a while.

- Ethan Marks
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