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haibun: paved paradise / seen from the bus: / miles of human scrap
Paved Paradise

This sprawl along the highway uglifies America. Where there's growth the new scars fester. The land gapes open, orange bare rocky soil, the trees removed. What once gave life is sterilized then utilized for selfish means. I reprove this rape. It will take generations to heal the wounds. The dirt continues to cry under stone block malls & Dumb*Marts, the concrete lots shed rain, dumping trash into streams and lakes. Here in Paradise turkeys used to gather under oaks and feed on hazelnuts, black bear searched out berries and eagles culled the weak and dying; vultures still clean up the mess. Thus these cycles continued through centuries of drought and flood ... until the day they paved it over, put in a parking lot. Traveling through the wastelands of America, Scottie1, I wish they could beam me up.

         paved paradise
         seen from the bus:
         miles of human scrap

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