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I need help deciding whether or not I should continue this.
Aurora Catuswski sat next to her brother Justin in 3rd hour Folklore at Dark Oaks Academy, listening to her professor go on about Faeries and captivity. “Miss Catusa--Catuswa..damn it. Aurora, what are your view on keeping a faerie captive?” he asked, standing in front of her now. She snorted at his obvious dislike for her last name as she answered honestly. “Well Mr. Deraski, I think that for some people, keeping a faerie captive can be a good thing, if they know what they’re doing. For others it can be horrible. When you capture a faerie you have got to know what you’re doing and how to handle it, mainly because they’re sneaky creatures. If you know how to handle a faerie when it’s in captivity, then you can have a great ally on your hands.”
Professor Deraski smiles, loving her knowledge on faeries. “Good! I see you know a lot on this subject, yes?” he walked to stand in front of Justin. Rori nodded, and giggled at her brothers discomfort. “Alright, seei--ah Sean, do you need something?” Mr. Deraski smiled at the boy who just entered the room. The boy, Sean, nodded and rushed over to him. “Um, dad, did you take my comp book for Mythology to do your lesson plans again?” he asked.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1405921