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Hopes for the future....

Destiny, my future, my reasons...

In my minds eye, I see that small village in Africa. I see the children. I see the joy at the sight of fresh, clean water. I see the small child, dark-skinned, but the biggest, whitest, brightest smile that lights my soul. I see the men, the pride that swells within their chests at having the means and ways to provide for their families. I see the women, hearts beaming with love for their children and the knowledge that thirst, hunger and illness is no longer imminent. I see the children, laugh and play on the dirt roads of the village. Marbles and sticks are the games of choice here. Laughter is in the wind. I see the books and the school. Their thirst for knowledge of the infinite possibilities their lives play in the universe. I see the fields of golden grains. I see the animals, the majestic lion, the buffalo, the cattle, and the deer. I see the birds and the insects. All are in perfection, as planned for the good of all. And I see me, but one small person, making a difference. I see me, getting dirty. Not with the ceremonial "first spade" of dirt, but by being there, doing. Teaching, learning from one another. I see my family. Happy, healthy, and at peace. Being thankful for all we have. A home, food, and each other. I see our home. Love and happiness fill its walls. Lack is something we've learned from in the past. Our future lacks nothing now. We give and we receive, all in perfection. It is how it should be. I see my attitudes changing now, looking within myself instead of looking without. It's all in me. It always has been. I am making a difference. I don't know how all this will come to pass- yet. I trust that the universe will show me the way.

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