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A upsetting case of Obama and the media. How the media has betrayed the People.
Why has our country come down to superficial conflicts that should not affect anyone in our pluralistic courty, yet we let the grips of inequality and difference hold the very people who claim to be of complete equality. I mean we abolished racism in 1964 with the help of a Martin dubbed King for our country. Still, it is even more prevalent today than I have ever seen. Even once after witnessing the uncomfortable comfort of the difference in race of the states almost dropped from the Union. I see it on the TV, in the radio, in the churches, the representatives, and worst of all in the the Rule of people. U.S. Barrack Obama has unfortunately been demon-ized by the comments and remarks being made by mouths of the people - the Media -  that he is so frantically trying to release himself from, even some of his opponents have tried to release the nation of what he sees as rightfully wrong. He tries his hardest to get the point across to people that some words spoken by others are not his. We have freedom of speech giving us the right to say what we want, when we want to, and to whomever we prefer - general rule of thumb. The media is giving to much hype to a random voice with powerful words, never-the-less, they don't pertain to the presidency of our era. Obamo is forced to waste valuable debate and speech time to issues that we tried to release from ourselves from half a century ago. We should be standing up and making it known that we want our president to speech of presidential opinions on presidential matters, not try to separate or even connect him to childhood mentors and the elders of his life. I mean image being negatively criticized for controversial comments made others, words that are not even your words! Nobody likes having words shoved down their throat. Still Obama prevails as one of the top leading and one of the most promising candidates, now imagine if we were all concern with real topics such as, national health care, the baby boomer financial dilemma, and if we are fueling a civil war in Iraq as we did not of of Vietnam but could have saved the entire controversy of the undeclared war, not these meaningless conflicts that are not only superficial, they are insulting, degrading, and a waste of time. Open your eyes everybody, race is not an issue!
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