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Just my most recent thoughts.
Monday, April 21, 2008

1) Philosopher Stone.
Current mood:  confident
Category: Religion and Philosophy

What of this world is worth the fathoming? Pondering the prism I have bridged the gulf, the schism, that separates I from all. I am all, as surely as all is a matter of my own cognition and perception. I need nothing of this worlds wiles, the entire of manifestation loves me regardless for I dream it to be. I am every reason you should and should not be me, the wisdom of my life path and all I choose to see. Insanity? No. More a serpent eating its tail until the oblivion of self becomes bliss. The poison in my kiss? All I could not so easily dismiss as meaningless. May it all now be so, for I know that it is all but a dead history, barely a memory, or a mystery. Amen.

2) Western Twilight
Current mood:  melancholy
Category: Life

Fluidity of thought!-----Stability,-----An alien being of the most mysterious reality;-----Unknown.-----Constant motion,-----Never still-----Always changing.-----Who am I naming?-----From day into night night into day-----I change-----(I-ching),-----Always.

3) So What?
Current mood:  blessed
Category: Life

So what if I can live forever in one moment out of one day?-----So what if it is I who can see through creations eyes, and hear all that the holy spirit has to say?-----So what if I can heal the ill or raise the dead?-----So what if I have accessed the God Head?-----So what if heaven is promised to me?-----So what if I am the Astral sea?-----So what if I, in truth, do stand outside of time?-----So what if my heart dances with the love of the undefined?-----It means nothing without you-----So what?

4) Just too Much.
Current mood:  blessed
Category: Religion and Philosophy

Much too much passion for this one life to ever be expressed entirely in one lifetime. Vanity no. Only truth. What was, has become what is, and shall become what shall be. No other truth need be known for this is all that is. What language do you speak in motion? Influence how thou will, time shall understand you regardless of the medium you use to introduce creation to evolving manifestation. What are you in every moment of every day? Creation will show you; clay molding clay as a gnostic might say. Stranger become known and valued rightly in the light of day. Who is your enemy? What of thee?

5) Marcus Wade Gordon. Daddy to Who?
Current mood:  validated
Category: Religion and Philosophy

Daddy is the traitor for which no forgiveness is ever to be offered;-----Judas,-----Beast that rapes even children of hope.-----The vanity of unknowing-----Made manifest in the lives of all.-----No forgiveness will be known.-----No.-----For a choice made by a Mason-----Builds all that is.-----Karma.-----May every fault be known by reality-----History is justified,-----May all continue as it always has-----No respect given is none earned.-----Wisest choice made?-----A heavenly goodbye,-----A death.-----Degraded by your very presence----- In my pure life.

6) Genius.
Current mood:  blessed
Category: Religion and Philosophy

It is everywhere, and all that I desire to know of my fellow man; the genius of Gods glory. Embraced when I look beyond myself into thee, the totality of  creation and every potential for what manifestation can be for we entirely; for you are Gods child. I pray the father blesses me to see only what he does know of thee, his joy and delight residing in a delightful structure of clay that he fashioned for childlike play indeed. Yes it is true we know not though we are, we empower imagination with faith while living according to the dictates of reason. The teacher the changing season.

7) Ghetto Mentality.
Current mood:  bummed
Category: News and Politics

Earn respect you will never be given-----Because nothing is respected or respectable-----The selfish life of the self gratifying fool-----What is one to do-----Besides role over and die-----Think not to cry for any victims of this beast-----It will mock your tears while tearing you down to say the least-----Manipulation is the name of the game-----The only mind frame is ME ME ME ME ME!-----How is one to pray when Godlessness is all that one can see-----God bless America-----Land of the free-----Please ghetto quite your whining-----We are tired of hearing your plea-----Made so ignorantly.-----Salvation is in change.

8) Final Words on Faith.
Current mood:  bouncy
Category: Religion and Philosophy

Why pray to that Christ of yours?-----The worlds greatest failure,-----And con-artist-----Should be despised.-----Your not reading what you like-----I know-----But you know its true-----So your faith dies.-----What has his sacred heart ever done for you?-----Or anyone that you have loved?-----Has he offered you the forgiveness of your enemies?-----His blessings from above?-----Gods never ending love?-----The rainbow and the dove?-----Or has he grown deaf to your cries?-----Does God turn away his face?-----His Grace?-----Does the savior need these alibis?-----Or do you have faith in nothing more than a book-----Of tired old lies-----That have failed to liberate-----Or open spiritual eyes?-----LOOK!-----This is a letter of a child that spiritually dies-----Because he lives amongst GOOD CHRISTIANS.-----Perhaps we should revise-----Reanalyze?-----Athena?

9) Yes!
Current mood:  blessed
Category: Romance and Relationships

I have to burn off some steam
You know what I mean
Take the time
To taste life's wine;
Opening myself on your lap
Enjoying the smack and clap
Of your skins talents
And ability to please.
Will you tease?
Leave me on my knees
After hours on my belly and back
Waiting for you to cut some slack
And shower me with your wet, warm lust?

10) Sex me Again and Again
Category: Romance and Relationships

Sex me again
Let me win
After I beg
And plea
On bended knee
For hours
Past the showers
That come
With the storm
Of my need
Please take heed
Sex me again.

11) Memory of the Heart.

The heart has a memory
And though impulsive
Is wise
And aware of the world.
How we each influence and affect one and other
Stays in the heart
And becomes Karma
For all of reality.
The rainbow Daat
The prophecy of the rhythms beat
The shadows and the light
The good of human nature
And the horrid
Earth speaking to heaven
"I am
I am."
"Do not act
Listen and reflect
Then grow
And grow out of me
Until only purity
Might we be."
I am afraid,
Why is this wise?
I am in love,
Why is this wise?
I hate,
Why is this wise?
I desire,
Why is this wise?
I know that this destroys
And so I am afraid.
I know that together we are empowered
And so I am in love.
I know that I must defend
And so I hate.
I know that this satisfies
And so I desire.
But what do I serve,
And how?
Sufis need the Koran.
Worldly wisdom must be utilized
Moment by moment.

12)Might I be?
Current mood:  amorous
Category: Romance and Relationships

Perhaps I am;
And I am,
The most fortunate man alive.
He came to meet me in the early hours of night
To inspire a desire that long after survived and thrived
On the calm serene of his kiss.
What is this?
This much to pleasant for words madness that he encourages into the manifest like bliss?
The warm glow of his soft brown eyes, his smile, taste, touch,
And all else that for reasons unbeknown to me I can not easily dismiss;
And from which is derived,
This bliss?
And I am,
Because I can
Trustingly hope to remain at his side,
The most fortunate of all men alive.
May all of my Gods good graces to me
Flourish with a healthy steady stride.
Blessed be the heavens that with him
I am,
And am alive.
Amen Elohim Amen.

13) Mickey Amos

Glisten and glitter 
Diamond desires
Holy in nature
Heavenly fires
Delight in the lesson
Of letting love be
Learning of you
Is the best of me
Beloved immunity
To worldly weight
This celestial bond
That time does create,
And celebrate
As fate loving fate;

14) Ugly Child.

She made me apologize to her,
For my being so ugly.
I did so in a most humble fashion
As she recited her cheer for my being so conditioned with a frenzied passion.
I assured her that I meant no offense
But that it was my parents that made me do it
"they live vicariously through me"
I recited
Only to have invited;
Or to be assured;
That I would do well with a bullet in the head,
Then reality might be cured
Of the ugly child.

15) Science vs Religion

Creations beginning coincided with the beginning of conscious sentience
The Genesis account therefore, could not be more true
In respect of the fact that it is cognitive, perceptive, self awareness That allows us to consider creation. We began, as did creation, when we awoke and realized mysterious dynamics of universal legislation
Is all that we are
As we incorporate willingly
What is intellectually acquired
In to an evolving co-mutual relationship with reality
Karmicly Spiritually

16)Barbaric Evolution.

Historic memory
The archetype consumes thee
For ye were born to be
Ancestral glory
As certainly as the majesty
Is not other then the glory of we
Dance the spiral
Of sociologically
Conditioned genetics
That makes every individual whatever it is that they are
And can grow to be.
Heavenly potentiality

17) When Passion Burns Unchecked.

Painfully engulfed!
Crimson orange
She burns to scream
Her immortal curses
Into the oblivion of eternity.
Oh how the "wise" men mock thee;
Daughter of,
The self is the same as all self fabric,
While even the holy trinity does, in vain, stand up for thee;
Bride of his majesty;
To prove;
To present to all of history our shame.
We know not
As surely as we have failed
To empower his holy name.
Holy war unlocks the gates of hell for the devils delight,
And for our folly ye shall live forever in fame
As the mother who righteously condemns all saints and martyrs
For surly it is their lord who is to blame
For the orphan.

18) The true Lover Defined without Definition.

In truth be loved perfectly

All that is known of thee

All that is thine own glorious mystery

Encouraging thee to be the focus 

Of the lover undefined;

The inspiration of his heavenly dreaming mind;

A perfect love

Knowing the meter and rhyme

Of genuine consideration.

Free from all that is of self

Or need for legitimization

The lover is the essence

Of communal realization

May he embrace thee.

Amen, Elohim, Amen.

Now may it be.

19) Evolution Since Emergency Calls.

    I sat a while and pondered the point made by the tyrant that rivaled a way of life and the peace of the people, his actions on the surface seemed to be not other then simple hatred and displaced rage; the endeavors of a tortured spirit. I envisioned his Metatronian stature, that little spark of deadly wisdom that encourages divine rapture; the unraveling of revelations through the unraveling of the ego conscious mind.

    Ash of buildings blown apart and burned still sting my nostrils years after that pivotal moment when phallic symbols failed to arouse the proper spirit of cultural growth and encouragement , but instead empowered the rape that had been; the rape I fear may forever be hereafter. Endless spiral of disaster.

    Why so extreme when there is the prosperity of peace to be had? Is this the wealth you have always wanted from me? I have lost nothing else more precious then the communal peace that was being achieved. Such a grave loss. May my enemy be blessedly happy reveling in what is truly his permanent victory. I may never know true worldly wealth again. I may not see you through open eyes.

    We are segregated, separated and alone. If we never recover then I may learn to love pain, that may be all thats left, a treasure in its own right.

20) Athenian Graces

Inter-racial, multi-cultural communion inspires a perfect peace through the solution, not via verbal warfare or self glorification. The progressive development of then to now with a faithful vigilance always guarding the objective; perfect maintaining of all around communal well being. An honest, simple dream slandered by those whom refuse it for selfish benefit or spiritless fear. An exercising of the higher greater faculties; a natural evolution from few to many. Truth of what is and must be. Highest regard must be devoted to the Democratic FAITH in order to perfect its promise realistically; observance of the Athenian myth is the seed of faith and the inspiration for the cult members reasoning. There is no tyrant there is only equality, so rape is made an abomination that shall destroy even heaven? Cronus is the key to all sociological understanding and medicinal practices; Alexander is the prophecy of what shall be regardless of adversity for through Cronus it already is. Amen.

21) Evolution of Mystery.

Once the most beautiful voice in heaven untill karma created pain, I am what I have become, a folly, then Revelations shame. Fruits of good and evil forever above Freuds pleasure and pain I stive for truth to undo me for I am never one to gain. To live in bondage true servitude my name I die for sake of myself and bless the fathers Historic fame. Your ignorance undone is freedom from right blame. Amen.To voice a choice so will shall be heaven shall be free from folly Father Son and We. Amen.

22) Gabriel Inspires.

I have gone to god with my plea; spare your children the yoke of the Godless! Give to their aide your army. Inspire the fear of the Lord. To benefit Gods children storms have come to destroy and according to Gods design have departed with supernatural haste. Prayers and promises have been fulfilled. Still I as many others suffer for the arrogance and vanity of a people who offer to the Sacred Spirits servents only doubts, selfishness, and scorn. There is no reason for this as my love for goodness and rightness is as Gods. Though it is true my words seem at times of a beastial nature be assured I attempt to speak the unwordable while demons attack. Indeed my grief demands respect as an inspiring force for Heaven on Earth. There however is no payment for what my life is worth as I am a justice for what is true of you and your children. With battle lines still drawn I mourn our grace daily for with a good God there should be a good people. As in each every person should be inspired to have faith. Amen.

23) Total Decay of Goodness and Grace.

What shall be said of a people that serve only their own godless works; the acquiring of personal wealth, before they mind service to God or God in their brothers and sisters? Nation after nation does fall for such as this that is and is well known of this nation by God.

24) Topics with Friends.

We celebrate ourselves not at all. Stand in awe; the freemasons! destroy it all, forever be at war with one and another before we give them reign as Majesty. Looking at them like their worth a damn! Those in places of power? Is all that encourages their lead to your demise? No. Through personal grudge and elevated warfare amongst yourselves you will become theirs. Ignore them focus upon your hearts own statement to free yourselves from slave owners. We need no God in man if we do not live.

25) Unfortunate Defeat.

Just another dreaming child dead. Darwin the father God is the bullet in the head; mourn Christ mourn for it is discovered that it is your God that is of the earth like metal like lead. Forever disaster bow your head for what is God is what shall be; communal peace is a falsehood indeed; my accepted final resting bed. Task for taskmasters is all that shall be read by the tormented living a permanent truth; "there was hope but it was ourselves that we fed." Amen.

26) Julie for Rape.

I hear her screaming while her only son sleeps. My heart is filled with the innocent sorrow that only a child could know. No question need be asked for God has already taught me right from wrong. I listen to the animals behaving knowing full well that to them I dont want to belong. What of the childrens song old man? Wasted worthless drunk. What of the civilized world? What of love? Junk? She taught poetry while your own child professes "you did nothing dad thats why I am mad you did nothing." now why do you wish to share with me a song so pathetic and sad?

27) Joy in Goodbye.

Present always; truth. Impossible to stream the dream of the sacred into reality when all is corrupted by the fowle, the false and the animals that call themselves human. To be deemed a worthy human it is true that you must be connected to self nature that surpasses control via environmental stimuli (Buddhism), but to fail to serve others in the environment while there is still hope for them is genuine Godlessness. I have never been served and into my grave my soul shall scream this into all that you are as a justice for your failure to learn a simple truth. I have called out again and again over for aide from the community only to be shuned and further disgraced; this will eternally be held to you untill heaven and earth alike die. Amen. Do not seek for ye shall not find, do not hope for faith is not with you, do not think to teach for you fail to become educated. The whole of the community has raped me of life, there is nothing in you worthy of transmission.

28) New Order.

Write your new governments in the language of prophecy. Delegate government affairs with faith in the prophecy you leave for your sons. May your spirit remain true. Govern your selves internationally biogenetically and psycho- spiritually with total regard for the fathers mission to encourage faith directing thee and thine through time. State your honors as name of the future for all that was, is untill you grow past the rhyme. Living as all that lives fully empowers the shrine; the self of heavens form true. A blessed new. Amen.

29) Fruits.

Sipping of my spirit? I choke on vile? I recall through death a time when you loved my father how? If not, never, and in no way. A ghost so holy in your closet while you pray to remedy me away! Such heartless cowards imbibing themselves on the blood of whores; go thee now to slay your kin! The blood of the Christ; of which ye dare to implore? Frigid and bitter I will curse and ignore? Amen.

30) Catastrophic Value.

I remember the trade routes, the spirit perfect and sane. Simple people with simple lives. Our father made it rain. Stress was made the lack of priority, all people encouraged to a common truth for what is reaped is what is sown while sons mastered the life of Malkuth. Personalities mingled profoundly, sharing the breath past the lips, we found the dream to paradise and weeded out what we should not transmit? The shadows lashed the slave and the tyrants inspire the mothers to quit. True to the spirit for it is good and you are rich at the cost of Eden? Heavens fit.

31) As You Say.

As you say, from cover to cover a lie. Truth made the whore of abomination as your meaning is lost to value, to worth entirely. Never again speek as your god is not, as heaven does judge thee perfectly. From A to Z a harlot. A means to a liars end. Amen. Elohim. Amen.

32) Brothers Bride.

The very reason reason fails thee. The passions of of wonder, love, and fear. Poetry is learning! Know thee well my name; Finitude! Edens most graceful change into the world, the logic of Ecclesiates, his reason for reasoning. Gabriel. Amen. Elohim. Amen.

33) Sexual Propriety.

Sexual propriety. No individual shall be degraded for it is fated that God does reside within. What is has always been; sentience feeling the web to begin, to transcend, to become the holy that is soley the truth, we are interested in one and other! The greatest blessing of the world, of Malkuth. Like diety interested in me I am free to find God in you and be fulfilled in spite of any other telling me what I should do. New rule. Leave heaven alone.
Remember that, because he loved you, Moses taught that you not having it as good as he had it, as a husband and a father, was an abomination. Food for thought.

Sexual propriety. The glance, the gazing into another humans eyes is the most celebrated aspect of intimate communion. The body limits true togetherness as it, as aspect of the world, remains but a limited self. Intimacy rises above the I allowing we to be free from falsehood, from ignorance. We care, we love, we acknowledge us as more than selves. Otherwise we are a perversion of truth. A destructive deception.

Sexual propriety. Known to you is my heart, my soul, what I'm saying in every language I speak. So many. All of the soul, my soul. Democratically you listen, wanting to hear, bringing me nearer than near as the body is but a barrier if this demand is not allowed to grow as truth. I am an equal other, Adam and Eve, David,Judith, Solomon, Ruth. Listen. Are we not so alike? Love me as yourself or take a hike for I am no deviant and being love I know what love should be like. Sentience. Amen.

Sexual propriety. Known to you is my heart in every language I speak. So many limitlessly. All of my soul. Democratically you listen wanting to learn, to know. This is the demand of life that must be allowed to grow as truth. Know me as your equal; Adam and Eve, David, Judith, Solomon, and Ruth. I am you as we are one of two. Come closer to you bringing me nearer than near as knowing you is what you long to do. Priestess and Magician. All Divine and Holy. Sentience as rule. Observe the holy spirit of we as every self is but our tool. Be faithful and keep it cool. Amen.

Sexual propriety. Known to me is myself, the voice of my heart speaks and I understand well enough to represent myself and know what I am offering to reality. The hearts many different tones deman that I express myself to reality just so less my needs go unfulfilled for lack of being aware and awake. Needs cry and must ask for help. Giving laughs and celebrates joy to be shared. I would know me if I really cared, if I don't care then no other should be here by my side. She must be her husband before being any mans bride as the same holds true on the opposite side. I must hear me to vocalize rightly in the name of love.

Sexual propriety. I know I stand for nothing I profess other than my Chi radiance as this is what I am. Darkness needing light, Light opposing the dark. My confession of self is what I feel based upon what is. I can not lie as, by my other, the truth is felt on some level, if not, it is seen. What falsehood could redeem me? My love is the truth that saves me. Intuitively "whats wrong"? We search each other our lives long living this bliss. A kiss that never touched the lips. Human concern. Being concerned with humanity. Amen.
Sexual Propriety. I regard myself in the highest and equate your worth and value as a human life to be my equal. I serve Life diligently, investigating what it means to be you. To be me. Humanity! Our bliss! That which only a blind fool without love and living a life loveless could miss. I dream it as holy in the highest and know no competition for to compete is degradation of the greatest truth inside and out. We shout. We are life and all we are about. Amen.

Sexual Propriety. I know Desire is the subjective expression of my power, my ability to encourage change, my ability to glorify and arrange. Negatively my ability to claim. A trap if not mindfully meditated into the appropriate, most beneficial expression. I claim not glory but my desire its self and direct it through will towards a decent objective. No person is mine to be had as property and I will not squander me in attempting to claim ownership of freedom. Instead I let desire sing the objective; I wish to glorify! I mind me and let me be free of a tool that works for others as it was intended to. I breath with your inspiration and raise you up never neglecting sacred self and selflessness. For freedom shall be maintained. I struggle to own nothing. Amen.

34) Confession of saints.

Confessions of saints. Confucian propriety. Listen to my voice calling for thee, my child, Gods majesty. Come ever closer to thee by coming unto we. Voices singing mastery. May bliss for thee come to be and the broken heart be not more than an aspect of ancient history. Our growing story your glory! How could a servent betray ye your highest divine. My dreaming mind forever devoted to a future time. Meaning outside of rhyme. I am mine. Amen. And still I only begin to transcend all of what has been as satisfaction is the process of becoming mine own self. Amen Elohim. Amen to heavens wealth. Amen.

35) Infidel.

The unholy, the evil infidels, those who are not as I am? Those who question to grow as persons? Those who want to understand? Or are they those who question only to mock and rival the only athority that is? What are they? Why are they not so complete as I. Do they not know salvation is. . . What I am!? How I question them. Inquisition. Patience is a virtue. Perhaps in time they will see me? Perhaps I will love them? I hate what God hates. Who needs to transcend?! My friend! My friend! Know me! I am just a man! Amen!

36) Puritan Prescription.

Such a sweet poetic woe. Standing in loves shadow, grace can be sorrow as we fight for the right to breath tomorrow. Still making this day a Tirade of our legacy, we grow through strife. The knife was always unknowing. While my brothers and sisters lived always showing the truth. Death is not reality and reality never was that which was easily fathomed. "Judge Not"! There is only life. The silent movement of the singing still harmony. Love has many colors. We learned them all. We struggled to better practice the perfection that reasons with our voice. Faith is found in awe and is empowered by choice. Amen.

37) Toxic Drugs.

The drug wars. Listen to your natures, your being wants to suffer no more. Oblivious to reality is balanced by being paranoid! "I have been violated and betrayed by me!" What does such a Judas make of we. Look to the ghetto to see. Lashing out from the dark deity Grief and her brother Misery: them both made greater for our using destructive substances destructively. Mindlessly making me all the more mindless. Lost and forgotten is love and kindness only to be replace by exploitation, slavery, and rape! The trap is the escape as the fowls of the air wait to devour those for whom we true do care. Ourselves! Proving only that they are weak as they care not. Addiction is a thought and theory when my reality screams freely save me from it and them. All that needs to be heard has been. Sacred self! Abandoned. Degraded. For benefit a beings fading health, a demon moving with stealth robbing reality of every blessing and heavenly wealth. My self, myself, speaking for all of the world to see. May the oceans of time bless mercy to free me as all of thee. We! Amen Elohim. Amen.

Nature knows best, my ability to function sanely is enough of a test. Politics at best but what else is there. Faith? The answer we should fear as we prove I can't believe in we the people of Gods one country. Every person has an agenda that tells no truth and it is the I they do betray for reasoning false proof as their selfish endeavors savior deceitfully. Beware. I can function smoking a joint like having a drink here and there while the body recovers easily with modesty. Amen.

Addiction is a myth. Listen to God in you wanting freedom from Misery and Grief. Misery and grief empowered can't be the way. Awake and Aware. Amen. 

38) Angels of Men.

Servents of the higher than worldly identified by a passion for the spiritual education that constitutes their psychospiritual makeup and their reason for being and acting. Unbiased and free of prejudice they act according to the dictates of greatest good and strive to inspire exactly this; they are not political agents with worldly agendas, rather they are the inspiration for and maintainers of the "Sacred Way".
2.  At peace with all of creation and driven by purpose wich inspires right action they encourage like in their fellows through the transmission of wisdom and understanding rewarded to them by education and time.
3.  Being the evolution of all of the human worlds ancestors they honor our history by encourageing the genius of the past to live on and grow into greater through them while freeing themselves from past error and ignorance.
4.  Evolution should be inspired by right and good practice for right and good change as surely as we are the co-manifestors of the divine that is Alpha and Omega; our evolution is exactly this.
5.  Humble mindful awareness of unavoidable interconnection and interaction with all should be observed and practiced when contemplating action that will effect in a manner that can not be changed by even "forgiveness" or "letting go"; justice is unavoidable.
6.  When contemplating the "Sacred" it is good to consider the dynamics of human individuality, the human social spirit, and environmental interconnection.
7.  Peace shall encourage prosperity while purpose inspires right action; an understanding of ignorance and enlightenment (what we free ourselves from and obtain) will inspire each.
8.  Propriety and codes of conduct or ethics are essential to religious and spiritual practice yet can only be empowered by "Individuals" who understand them,  practice them, and can properly teach them.
9.  Everyone as everything teaches somthing about all that is. Practice with open eyes and ears for all is aspect of the "Holy" and the essence of "Divine". All life gives the self selflessly to life. Death is the servent of selfless. Self often distorts world view and is in every respect temporary while the effect of self is eternal.
10.  It is ideal to be the embodiment (as much as possible) of selfless individually as this makes room for undistorted understanding of all that is of this manifestation. War (general, rape, abortion, domestic, religious and political rivalry ect..) is the bi-product of self distorted world views being ignorantly or meditationlessly empowered. To be free of this is ideal and requires extensive education and proper practice on every humans behalf.
11.  War is the effect of ignorant individuals being aware of power and maybe power dynamics but are unaware of selfless interconnection and our ethical or moral obligation to higher learning and practice. Be at peace to encourage rightly.Stand rightly against ignorance that will make war unavoidable as war is the product of ignorance. Loathe the war while mourning the encouragers of war who are selves as individual humans and lifeforms. Love your enemies and heal their effects with exaction of situationally proper counter activity.

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