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Short story how my vagabonding begin...
Wan-der-lust: noun; 1.A strong impulse or longing to travel... see also, itchy feet, travel bug...

WANDERLUST....An incurable disease I do believe. How I have contracted it I truly haven't the slightest. I use to satisfy my ailment with maps, topos and books of travel, adventure and exploration. I would study maps and topos much like a scholar would his books and writings. I would plot and plan as if I would actually be going on these little excursions, knowing in my mind that I was not, in my heart, hopeful. Unknowingly I was just feeding the Beast that was feverish for travel, not knowing the larger and grander excursions and adventures to come where I was somewhat, well prepaired to say the least. I have, on more then one occassion, attempted to become that stable-stay-at-home person that my friends and family have become. I have tried to be that simple minded factory working fool that sees the concrete floor and steel walls that binds him to no sun for the hours he works. I've been that sales person that answers the phone with a phony smile to sell something to someone that truly does not want or even need what it is that I was selling. I've always escaped it for the sun, nature and somewhere else. I've crashed in the deserts of California, rode in the rodeos of Texas, climbed the rocks of Colorado, braved the rapids of Arkansas, fished the waters of Canada, and survived the harshness of both Mother Earth and that of Mother Nature. I have met many walks of life, conversed with very interesting people (many of which are very poor with directions) and have seen some pretty unbelievable things. No matter what I have done or what I have seen, the lust for travel is left empty and wanting. What is it exactly that I have been searching for in these travels? These....Adventures of the Heart? Perhaps what I have enjoyed in life is not the actual travels or adventures, but the serenity that I have obtained from such travels.What I have been allowed to see, to be a part of, to behold life's beauty in the world around me. Here now, some 15 years, 50 states, 2 countries and thousands of miles later, I am still searching for that unobtainable cure... The Cure, for WANDERLUST.
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