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A small section of a short story I'm writing.
Chapter one: " Hey I'm..."

You just walked out of the building when you were stopped by Bert McCracken, the lead singer of The Used. "Hey, sorry about pulling you onstage like that. I didn't want you to get hurt by that guy." he said, sounding worried. You looked at him " Its okay, I didn't mind." you replied, smiling slightly. He smiled "oh, by the way, I'm Bert." You nodded " I know, you're my favorite singer. I'm Ellary but my friends call me Ella." Just then the rest of the band walked over. "Yo! Bert, stop flirting with the fans!" Quinn shouted. You laughed "I gotta go, I've got a meeting with a band that I'm going to be touring with." you told them. Bert nodded then grabbed a pen and wrote a number on your hand " if you ever want to talk just call me. Okay?" You smiled and nodded " well I'll see you later." you said, while walking towards your car.
The next morning when you got to work your secretary came up to you " Ella, the band that you were supposed to be meeting with came early so I made them some coffee and sent them to your office." You smiled and nodded. "Kaitlyn, remind me to give you a raise." you told her. As you walked into your office the band stopped talking. "okay so where is the....whoa! Bert?" you started. He looked at you "Your our new tour manager?" he asked. You nodded and walked over to your desk. "So where are we starting?"
A week had passed since your meeting with The Used and you were on the computer typing up the tour dates and locations. A few minutes after you finished the power went out. "Dammit!" Frantically searching for your cell phone you heard a door creak. You didn't have any pets so you started freaking out. When you found your cell phone you called Bert. His phone rang 3 times before he answered it. "hello?" you heard him say groggily. "Bert, its Ella." you whispered frantically. His mood seemed to lighten when he found out it was you "hey Ella, what's up?" he asked. You took a shaky breath "well the power went out, I'm home alone, and I think someone is in my apartment." you said all in one breath. Bert laughed " I'll be there in a minute." he said calmly. You sighed " Thanks Bert" then hung up and lit a candle.
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