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Lotto Dreams allow me to escape on flights of fancy.
I can tell if I am feeling "done" with my existence by the amount of dreaming I do about winning the lottery.  When those times come, I look up the latest jackpot and plug the number into my spreadsheet.  In the spreadsheet, I state how much I give my immediate family as well as how much I give to the extended family and to charity.  I also have planned to take a world cruise on a very prestigious cruise line.  I plan to live on the interest of what remains.

My husband is in on the dream too, he calls it our Plan A retirement strategy (401Ks and the like are Plan B).  In his dreams, gambling and giving heavily to charity are the theme.  Our plans differ enough that we have talked about splitting the money and meeting up for dinner every now and then.  I guess my daughter wouldn't like that very much.

It's funny, but I figure that the day-to-day living expenses are the same as we have now, but we would just spend more in each category.  For example, we have a meager vacation budget.  In the lottery dream, it becomes much bigger, so that maybe we can take first class or have a nicer hotel room.  Car payments and house payments would probably increase proportionately too.  And, as my husband has mentioned, we would not have jobs to occupy us for 8 hours each day, so we would have the potential to spend more money just sitting around the house (or getting a mani-pedi or shopping or...).  We'd have to watch out for that.

I guess the worries I have about money now would be replaced by a different set of, maybe not worries, but responsibilties.  It could be quite a burden.  But, it would be one I would welcome.  I always say to people that I have detailed plans for winning and that is probably why it will never happen.  Dreaming about it does provide for some relatively cheap entertainment, though, and you never know, something strange and wonderful could happen.
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