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Love can turn your emotions to mush when things go wrong.

For J.A.I.

I stand here between the romance of yesterday
and the argument of tomorrow
not knowing which fork in the divide to
leap upon in the name of today's reality.

The wind still, the heat heavy,
I perch upon memories of your
nervous hand gliding over my
special finger and asking its size.

I wear a smile with that recollection.
That can only mean your love is everlasting.
But senseless misunderstandings,
accusations and fault-finding have crept in on us.

Realizing that, for us, tomorrow may not exist,
I'm sent spiraling helplessly into a tomb of anguish.
Only your and tender touch
can summon my happiness.

I linger here abiding your return
with unsteady hands,
a nervous, pounding heart,
and eyes that dance with anticipation.

Come back to me, my love,
for tomorrow will not reflect the past.
It will lead us into essential
knowledge of one another.

It is time that has held us together,
the time we share today,
and the time we hope for in the future
that will heal my shattered heart.

Baby, come back to me.

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