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Three things important to men??
I have to wear my watch.
The time I have to see.
I feel naked without it.
It is very important to me.

It tells me when my break is,
When I can visit my friends.
It tells me the start of my day,
As well as when it's the end.

I look at it when I am bored,
And also when I'm in a hurry.
It tells me when to go slow,
It tells me when I should scurry.

Also important is my wallet,
Even though it is worn and tattered.
It keeps my money and things
From getting lost or scattered.

It holds pertinent information
That is only meant for me.
I keep it in a safe place
Where no one else can see.

Someone said I needed a new one,
Cause this ones really old.
I've had this one for a long time,
To me, this one is gold.

And last but not least,
Is the mighty pen.
I write all my thoughts down,
So I can remember them again.

With my pen in hand
I can write what I feel.
It's one of my tools.
To me, it's a big deal.

A pen to a poet,
Is a gift from above.
It spells out what you feel.
Sometimes hate, somtimes love.
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