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A person's memory of her and an ex after not seeing them for a while.
So there I was
All on my own
Thinking how could this be worse?
Then you came around
And turned it all upside down
I thought I had it all

And we laughed,
We cried,
We talked all night
Till the sun rose up
The next day...passed
But now

Times change
People change
We grow apart in our separate ways
I went left while you stayed still,
I wondered if I'd ever see you again

Oh but I did
In my head you were still always there
Couldn't get you out of my mind
Was it like that with you too?
Or did you forget like I hoped you would.
Remembering only those good times.

Cause we laughed
We cried,
We talked all night
Till the sun rose up
The next day...passed

A year went by
With no word
No hello goodbye
You were dead to me
I was to you

And now I don't feel it all
I don't care about all those times we had
And now
You've gone on
To better things, while I'm not so sure.
About how I'm moving on.

I know
I don't need you here tonight
And I know
You'll be at my side
When I least expect it
But I know
What you don't know
And that's
That I've changed from who you knew
Would that bother you?
Would even care
To know
What I think of you now

I thought I was happy with you
Is it true?
Was I really so into you
Or was I imagining it?

Did I imagine those times
We laughed we cried we talked all night.
Till that sun rose up, the very next day.
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