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The titaness had a blank canvass to create what she wished.
Terratessa opened her eyes, and instantly knew all that was known by the orbs that created her. She was sitting on a throne cut into the side of a mountain, which would later be called Mount Naharran. The seat was formed to her perfectly because it was the place the orbs had cut her from, and she knew she would call this home.

She could see far and wide across the continent, as when she stood she was taller than the mountain that was her mother. There were green slopes and valleys, rocky hills and mountains, and blue lakes and rivers that glittered like gems in the light from the great Mass that watched over Isiterra. Beyond the edges there were oceans that swirled blue and green with frothy white foam. Across the ocean, where the Mass rose daily in the West, she could even make out the shores of more land. After carefully inspecting the borders of her continent - Terressa - she was satisfied that what she saw was indeed another land mass in the distance. She thus called the body of water between them the Dividing Ocean.

With memories of stately trees and delicate flowers embedded in her mind, Terratessa set about decorating her continent with living accents all around her. In her mind there was no difference in climate or region, so she may have created a flowering cactus next to a pine tree or two. The plants would eventually adapt or evolve, and thus the terrain gained its unique landscape.

Aside from the sound of water in the distance, there was silence. Terratessa was not sentient for more than a day before she found herself longing for another being to keep her company. When the orbs came into view that first night, they felt her lonliness, and Iridius used its ability to enter the mind to call to Terratessa's focus some of the creatures they had seen on other worlds. The majestic deer, the playful chipmunk, the cuddly kitten. So Terratessa began molding her crennas, animals, and started the poplation of Isiterra.

It did not take much time for the giver of life to realize that her crennas were multiplying on their own, and at a rate such that she could not keep up with caring for them all so she devised a plan. In her own image, and with memory of other worlds, she created the Keepers. They were much smaller than she, formed to fit a mental scale in comparison with the crennas. With their help she could see that all of her creatures were cared for.

The Keepers settled in a valley around Terratessas throne, and began the village that would become the great city of Naharran. They built rudimentary homes and farms, and they and the crennas lived together, man and beast, in peace and harmony for well over a hundred years.

Eventually the Keepers began to venture out and populate other areas of the continent. Terratessa saw this as a great accomplishment and was proud of her children, though she would no longer be able to watch over them all directly. But this would be the beginning of darker times to come, for their curiosity would lead some of the Keepers to venture beyond Terratessas' borders and into territory unknown.
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