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A fantasy story of 7 ordinary kids

  For some.... they are born with greatness and power..... and most are born commoners.... but there are those select few who are born commoners, but have greatness inside. This is the story of 7 commoners who hold the key to save the world... and even destory it. 7 completely different people, born from across the 4 corners of the Earth... However their ancestors are not even of this planet. They have the key to open the gap between deminsions. Each of these children are completely different, yet their ancestors were born under the same sky. This is the story of not only these 7 teenagers, but their ancestors, and an evil Sorcerer named Jiinrah, he who holds the most powerful element. Once a hero who saved his world, became corrupter with his own ambitions.
  This is the story of Leon, Marceline, Luxord, Tsubaki, Lance, Jack Nickells, and Yasmine. This story is about redemption, power, elements, betrayel, glory, loss, sacrifice, and corruption. And it all begins in the small town of Chrystal Springs, Montana. July 13th 2005

Chapter 1: Unpacking

  My name is Leon McEther. Chrystal Springs, not much to say about this town, we are just a small dot on a map, since its in Montana, we almost never see outsiders. Its a small community were almost no ones' ever left this town. This town is only known for two things; Chrystal Clear Spring Water, which is the second cleanest in Montana... and for the "Mysterious Stone Pillar".
  The Pillar is located near Fairmont woods, all it is is a 12 foot Rock pillar, after years of no use, we turned it into a basketball hoop. Next to the Pillar is an old cabin owned by a man named Joe Buxton. His family has lived year even before the town was founded. Joe is a recluse type man who is not seen very much, except when going to get Groceries on Saturdays.
  Only once have I been in Joes house, it was an odd house, filled with swords, old books with some strange writing, maps, and a family crest sheild mounted on the wall, I have never seen this design in any history books.
  He said that the pillar was something not to be messed with, no one knows what he ever talks about since usually he speaks jibberish. Usually I play basketball with my friend Lance, he is a Dark sort of person, dressing in dark appearal, but he is always happy and kind. He moved to Chrystal Springs for England 6 years ago, since then we've been friends.
  One day on our way home from school, we saw our friends standing at the corner of our neighborhood, and they were starring at something. I first saw Yasmine. Yasmine is a girl from the tropics.
  "Hey Yasmine! What are you guys starring at?!" I yelled
  "Oh! Hi Leon! That old white house across the streets' been sold!" Said Yasmine
  We looked in their direction and saw a family unpacking, from the looks of them, they were Japanese. I saw a very beautiful women (obviously the mother), a kind buissiness looking man (obviously the father), and something caught my eye and stunned me... the most beautiful girl I hard ever seen, a Japanese girl about 15 or so (my age), with long wavy dark hair, and a face of an angel!And I heard my friend Luxord, Luxord being a gentleman from Germany.
  "Lets go and introduce ourselves, shall we Leon?" asked Luxord.
  "I-..I guesse..." said I
  We walked over and my heart was racing, I couldn't help it, her beauty was overwelming. We got their and she looked at me and I was stunned.
    "Hello, my name is Tsubaki Hitsumaiga" said she
    "He-...he...Hello....M-..my name is-....Le..Leon" said I
    Since I was stuttering, Lance slapped me in the back to get it out.
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