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by Mica
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My own perception of life (short but meaningful)
Life is a never ending journey. There's always the good side, there's always the bad side. We can have a smile, we can have a frown. At times we're laughing, at times we're crying. Sometimes we're winners, sometimes we're losers. We may achieve something, or we may fail at something. Nevertheless, living a life as much as we have makes us all victorious.

Whatever obstacle we encounter in our life, if surpassed, it will always be something we'll look back to and say, "I made it therefore I'm not a disaster." Getting a failing mark in an exam makes us upset, but then will give us more reason to study harder and do better next time. Being a teen mom separates us from the world feeling lonely and lost, but gives us more reason to be responsible therefore teaches us to be independent. Losing a special someone makes us cry, but eventually makes us stronger giving us more reason to live.

Be an optimist, because everything happens for a reason. God did not make us to be miserable. That's why we should live our lives to the fullest and make sure that everything we do is for a good cause. We can never just mourn on our mistakes, for it won't do any good. We should smile at our mistakes and say, "I will make it right." That's why life is a drawing without an erasure. Because yes, we can never erase and change the past, but the past will always give meaning and significance to the future. What has happened will amend what's just about to happen. So don't cry for something that's over and think "I could've done better". Laugh because it happened and say, "I will do better".
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