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Explosive adventure with gov. conspiracies and wild car chases and...baby bottles?!
PART 2, if you haven't read part one go do it or you won't understand! if you have then thanks so much!! (updated 3-6-11) (PLEASE OH PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT ^v^)
Chapter 2

Nothing says road trip like the cheapest hotel you can find!

They drove on for about twenty minutes with nothing but fields on both sides of them and a rare house or two every few miles, even more rare than a those were street lights. He wondered what Sonya was thinking about so quietly over on her side of the car. Was she thinking about how to keep running away? She didn’t seem like the kind of girl who would try to convince herself of impossibilities.
“You know it’s not that I don’t think you can keep a secret it’s just better for everyone around me to know as little as possible because it’s safer for them that way.” Sonya said quietly as if she was ashamed of herself.
“I guess I can understand that…actually, no I really don’t understand at all. I realize you don’t want to talk about yourself, but could you at least explain that?” Silas said carefully trying not to make her angry and therefore not gaining any information about her.
“Well, you see I grew up around a less than desirable group of people, and when viewed by the general public they’ve been labeled as dangerous. So even though I’m no longer near those people, it’s just better to be cautious and keep people away.” Sonya said like what she was saying was physically hurting her. It made him feel bad that he’d been the one to bring up the topic in the first place, but he needed to know if she was any threat to him.
“These people you grew up around, if they were so bad why didn’t your parents do anything? Surely they wouldn’t want you in that kind of environment.” Silas said only partially acting his concern.
“Well I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. While I run into this convenience store for a first aid kit.” Sonya said sadly as she pulled off the road and into the parking lot of the smallest gas station Silas had ever seen. He was pretty sure if he had blinked while they were driving by it he would have missed it completely.
“Why do you need a first aid kit?”
“Because a few of my fingers were dislocated when I punched one of those guys in the face while I was running away.” Sonya said as she got out of the car. Silas watched her walk into the convenience store with Coral on her hip. She exchanged a few words with the girl at the counter then walked to the other side of the store found what she was looking for. When she came out it finally occurred to Silas that there wasn’t anything in a first aid kit that could help her with her problem. He wished he’d thought of it sooner so she didn’t have to waste her money like that, but his mind seemed to be all over the place this evening. Maybe it was just the fact that he hadn’t slept in long a while.
She walked over to his side of the car and opened the door. The held Coral out to him and waited for him to take her. Just like that he could take the kid slide over into the driver’s seat and be on his way with no more worries…but instead he took the squirming child and watched to see what she planned to do.
“This will only take a second, but after I reset the bones I’m going to need your help making a splint.” Sonya said pulling things out of the first aid kit for the small splint she would need for her fingers. Silas was just about to ask her if she was seriously going to put her bones back into place herself, but before he could he saw her quickly take hold of her three middle fingers and yanked them back into place with three nauseating pops. Never in all his life had he ever see someone do such a thing and not even bat an eyelash. She was a very scary girl.
She held her hand out waiting for him to bandage her up, but somehow he couldn’t move he was still in shock from what he’d just seen. He could only look up at her with awe.
“I know you probably think I’m some kind of freak,” Sonya laughed shakily, “but I really need you bandage up my hand. It really hurts and I’m trying as hard as I can to not cry so I don’t upset Coral. So please help me.” Silas didn’t even hesitate he moved as fast as he could. In under two minutes he had her hand perfectly bandaged and absolutely no memory of moving an inch. Something about her made him do things he wouldn’t normally do. She was dangerous, just saying ‘please help me’ and he was willing to do anything she asked of him. He had the perfect opportunity to run away and he didn’t because he’d been curious about her. Then he had a second opportunity just now when she was in a lot of pain, if it had been anyone else he would have just left them and completed his mission, but instead gently and quickly bandaged her hand putting her back in action.
He found himself silently hating this girl. Never had he been so easily influenced by someone. Never had his life been so greatly upset, even when he’d been recruited for TMPG and had to suddenly drop everything in his life and let his family and friends think he’d died, that didn’t even compare to the chaos she was causing him.
“Hey are you okay? Are you mad at me for making you help me? I know that it must have been gross, but I’m really grateful for your help. If there’s anything I can do to pay you back I’ll be glad to do it…you know with in reason. It’s not like I’m gonna do anything perverted so don’t get your hopes up.” Sonya said blushing, making Silas snap out of mood for a moment to laugh at her. Why would he want to do anything of the sort with a kid like her. This girl had more sides to her than Hollywood had silicon! One moment she was this bad ass and the next she was some high school kid embarrassed over something so small as a misleading sentence.
“What the hell are you laughing at?” She asked blushing more now, and obviously mad that she was being laughed at.
“Nothing, nothing at all.” Silas said still chuckling. “Tell you what though, if you want to make it up to me. Allow me to drive, we’ve already lost those guys from before so there shouldn’t be a problem right?” He watched her think it over, possibly weighing the dangers of letting him be in control instead of herself. She didn’t have much of a choice because of her hand though given how sore it would be for the next few days.
“Alright, but you have to follow my directions perfectly otherwise we’re going to end up lost.” Sonya said not bothering to hide the fact that she didn’t like the arrangement despite having said she be happy to do what he asked for.
Silas slid over into the driver’s seat and Sonya got into the passenger’s seat and then they were off again. It was quiet in the car again, but this time it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence like before. Now that Coral was happily back in Sonya’s arms she didn’t waste time falling asleep. They spent the better part of an hour just listening her steady breathing. Surprising Silas it was Sonya who broke the silence to ask him a question.
“You did an excellent job wrapping my hand, did you use to be in the scouts or something.” Silas suppressed a smile at the thought of telling her where he’d learned to do that. It had been apart of his basic training when he’d joined TMPG. He wondered if he should just go ahead and tell her just so he could see her reaction, but he decided it would be best if he didn’t.
“Nah, I was never into the whole boy scout thing. I just picked it up somewhere I don’t really remember where, if I had to guess though, I bet it was from a movie.” Silas said casually.
“Oh well that’s impressive. To do something you’ve only seen in movies perfectly that’s quite a feat.” Sonya said a tad sarcastically. “Did you also figure out how to drive this kind of car from the movies? Normally people can’t handle Formula 1 level sports cars on their first try.” This can’t be going in a good direction. “Well Silas?”
Sonya waited for his answer patiently. It didn’t matter to her if he lied to her again that would only confirm he was hiding something important. She’d been thinking over the past hour about the nights events. Every time she ran through what happened it just seemed odd that Silas appeared like he did. And now that she was sitting on his other side she noticed the bruise on his face where the men supposedly knocked him out. If a man had hit him his whole jaw would be black and blue, instead there was only a small fist size bruise…one that was about the same size as her fist. She had a bad feeling about where this conversation was headed, but if he was one of them then she had to get away from him fast.
“Well it may be difficult for you to drive with your skinny little arms, but when you have big strong man muscles like mine it’s not a problem because you only have to be in control of the steering wheel.” He said playing off her question as a joke, which worried her even more than if he’d been serious.
“’Skinny little arms’? Just because I don’t have bulging muscles like yours doesn’t mean I’m not strong. I mean I was able to knock a man twice my size on his ass and got away with only a few dislocated fingers. And you’re trying to call me weak? At least I stayed conscious while trying to get away.” Sonya said baiting him to elaborate on his story so that she might find a hole or two that’ll confirm her suspicions.
“You think my muscles are ‘bulging’? I’m flattered.” Silas said once again laughing off her attempts to learn anything useful. Either he knew what she was trying to do or he was having a lot of fun teasing her at every turn.
“Th-that’s not really what…yes, okay, I think that, but what else would you call them?” Sonya said flailing her arm around embarrassed at what she’d said yet again. It wasn’t her fault that he chose to pick out her little slip-ups. She was getting very tired and was saying things she’d been thinking.
“Well I do work out pretty often.” He said still laughing and acting smug.
Something about his attitude just pushed her over the edge and she decided to just go ahead and call him out for what he was, “And yet you got taken down by a girl.”
“And yet I got taken down a girl…” he said agreeing then pausing as he absorbed what she said. “wait a minute what?” she waited for his denial to start but he was just quiet and so was she. “Surely your not implying that I’m the soldier you met up with when you were running away…because I mean that’s not possible I was just waking up from when I was knocked out. I can’t believe you would think that about me.” He said acting hurt, but she wasn’t falling for it. He was making one last stitch effort to keep his cover, but she didn’t want to risk Coral’s safety any longer.
“Oh cut the crap. I’ve been thinking things over and I’ve figured you out. Your story doesn’t add up, those guys didn’t have any reason to knock you out after you’d delivered the pizza and even if they did why would they hit you in the face where that would leave evidence of their presence. They were trying to be as quiet as possible about this whole thing so they wouldn’t have bothered with you. So what do you have to say for yourself Silas, if that’s really your name.” Sonya said feeling a little more confident about her assumption than she had earlier.
Silas just sighed and pulled off the road and turned to look at her. The way the blue light from the dashboard shadowed his face made her feel a little scared about how this would play out. She had no where to run, they were in the middle of no where so there was no one to help her if she could get away. She had one gun, but in these close quarters she wasn’t sure if she could pull it out fast enough.
The look he had on was surprisingly sad looking, it wasn’t something Sonya could figure out. What reason did he have to be sad? “Look kid I don’t want any trouble I just need the baby. She doesn’t belong to you anyway so why risk your life any further for her?” He said sounding tired and a little disappointed about something.
“I’ll tell you what I told you earlier. NO. The only way I’ll let you have her is if you pry her from my cold dead fingers.” Sonya said holding the sleeping Coral even closer to her body than she had been. Silas just let out a long sigh and put the car back in drive and continued in the direction they’d been headed. Sonya didn’t understand, it didn’t seem like he’d just given up, but then why was he continuing to drive? “What are you doing? Where are we going?” Sonya said feeling more than a little panicked.
“I’m driving, and as to where well I don’t know because you’ve been the one directing me.” Silas said calmly, not that it eased her nerves any.
“Why? Why are you still helping us get away?” Sonya asked cautiously.
“Because eventually you’ll have to return home and that’s when they’ll catch you. So really it doesn’t matter if I drive you to where you want to go.” He answered calmly, “Although I had hopped you wouldn’t figure me out, you did though and you called me out on it. Which is probably for the better I suppose.”

They rode in silence for two hours toward the Oklahoma-Arkansas border where Sonya planned to stay at a hotel for the rest of the night. Thanks to Silas’ fast driving and the fact that they’d passed virtually no cops they’d shaved off an hour and were almost to the hotel. This was a blessing because Sonya was finding it very hard to stay awake now.
“You look awful why don’t you go ahead and try to get some sleep.” Silas said looking over at her with the same sad face he kept showing her over and over. She couldn’t figure out what he was sad about. If any one should be sad it should be her given she was stuck relying on the enemy to drive her somewhere safe.
“I’m fine, besides we’re almost to the hotel I’ll just sleep when we get there. At least then I don’t have to worry about you turning the car around and heading back in the other direction.” Sonya said turning away from his sad gaze to face the window.
“If I was going to do that I would have done it a while back when I pulled the car over. So just get some sleep you’ve been up all day chasing the kid around, you deserve some sleep.” Silas said reasonably.
“So you’ve been watching us that long. That’s more than a little creepy don’t you think?” Sonya said not caring that she was acting childish and mean. She knew that stake outs went on at all hours of the day until an opening was found with the target. She’d been on a few stake outs back in the day when she still lived with her father.
“Yeah I guess it is a little creepy for the party that’s being watched, but for the party that’s watching it’s kind of entertaining.” Silas said trying to lighten the mood a little.
“Oh really and what part was entertaining? Was it the part when I went running for my life through the woods trying to keep Coral safe? Or was it when I had to snap my fingers back into place because I dislocated them when I hit your face in an attempt to run away?” Sonya said coldly wishing he’d shut up and let her wallow in self pity for making the stupid mistake of allowing him to come along in the first place.
“Well I was more referring to when you were trying to feed Coral. It seemed like she would have preferred to wear her food rather than eat it.” He said laughing a little.
Finally they found the hotel that Sonya had been leading them to. It was still the piece of crap she remembered it to be, but that’s why they were staying there. It was cheap, no one with eyes would stay there, and it was difficult to find if you didn’t know the way. It was the perfect place to hide out.
They all got out of the car and went into what was suppose to be the lobby, but it looked more like something out of a horror movie. The ceiling was so cracked that Sonya was a little afraid that it would come down on them while they were checking in; and there were unidentifiable stains all over the place (she was pretty sure they were blood stains that no one bothered to clean up). Over all the place was just nasty and smelled funny.
When they went back outside to head towards the room Silas finally said something to her again, “We drove three and a half hours for this?” He didn’t seem to understand her reasoning for choosing this location, but she didn’t care and didn’t plan on enlightening him to the way her mind worked. Sonya kept walking ahead of him acting like she couldn’t hear the names he was calling her under his breath. Their room was the last room on the second floor, which worked out better for her because it left her options of escape if she had to.
“Wait here I’m going to go bring the car around.” Silas said leaving Sonya and Coral at the steps leading up to the second floor. Before she it occurred to her to get the room key he was already halfway back to the car. Sonya let out a long sigh then leaned against the cold iron railing and closed her eyes for a moment. Without realizing it she drifted off to sleep.
“Sonya you need to get up now…Sonya if you don’t get up now I’m just going to have to carry you, and you’re not going to like it. So get up Sonya.” Said a disembodied voice in Sonya’s dream. It sounded familiar but she couldn’t figure out whose voice it was. It was a deep, almost rough sounding, but at the same time it reflected kindness and patience. It was weird none of the men in her life had such nice qualities in there voices. So whose voice is that? Sonya thought to herself feeling frustrated that she couldn’t figure out the owner to the mysterious voice.
“Fine have it your way, I’ll just carry you. You’re already mad at me so what’s a little more fuel to the fire.” The voice said then Sonya felt herself being picked up and suddenly she realized she wasn’t dreaming. She opened her eyes in time to watch the scene around her blur as she was hoisted up on top of Silas’ shoulder. He had already taken Coral out of her arms and now she was being carried like a sack of flour. She felt like her dignity just packed up and left her for good as she bounced up and down while he walked toward the stairs.
“Silas if you know what’s good for you then you’ll put me down right now. Otherwise I will make you regret treating me like this.” Sonya said trying to sound as threatening as she could after just waking up.
“I gave you plenty of time to get up on your own, but you didn’t. When I give a threat I’m going to follow through with it. So now you’re just going to have to put up with being carried like this for a few minutes.” Silas said disregarding her threat completely.
“I said put me down you big jerk!” Sonya said, out raged she began kicking as hard as she could and hitting his back with her good hand. Unfortunately for Sonya it seemed to have absolutely no effect on him because he just kept walking like normal. He didn’t even have trouble opening the door to the room they were staying in. Now that they were in the room Sonya decided to just play good and wait as patiently as possible so that when he put her down she could get in one surprise shot.
Silas walked over to one of the two beds and gently laid Coral down in the middle of the bed. He even knew to put pillows around her so that she didn’t roll off the bed. Sonya couldn’t help but be a little impressed with his consideration and knowledge of how to take care of a child. But even though he treated Coral with care he didn’t give Sonya the same treatment or consideration. He just tossed her down on the other bed. She was about to get up and tell him off for being so rude, but when she went to get up he moved faster and was on top of her with her arms pinned down to the bed. Sonya stared up at him with shock plain in her face she was sure. She didn’t know what to do, it was like her brain just stopped working completely, but where her brain slacked off her heart was doing over time. She wasn’t sure if it was beating so hard because she was scared or if it was something else entirely.
“Wh-what do you think your doing?” Sonya barely managed to say.
“Getting your attention.” Silas said leaning down close to her face so she could see that this wasn’t a game.
“There are more civilized ways to do that you know.” Sonya said gaining a tiny portion of her confidence back since he didn’t just going tearing off her clothes.
“Sure I know that, but you wouldn’t have listened to me if I hadn’t done something drastic like this. So the sooner you stop talking the quicker I’ll get off you.” He said giving her a few seconds to comply. Which she did by clamping her mouth shut as soon as he was finished, which made him laugh a little. Being so close to him she felt the tremors of his laugh vibrate through her and it made her stomach flutter uncontrollably and her face flush a little.
“Glad we’re on the same page. Since you know who I am now I feel a little responsible for letting you know what you got yourself into. The group that I’m a part of is a secret section of the military that deals with potential terrorist. It’s our job to make sure that radical groups are taken down quietly without the notice of the media. Whether that means cutting off their weapons, money, or food supply we do whatever we have to. Now you’re probably wondering what that has to do with little Coral. She is one of those weapons that we have to make sure the terrorist don’t get a hold of. I know that seems like a lot bull, but it’s not a lie. She was genetically engineered to be a weapon, a very, very dangerous weapon.” Silas waited for what he said to sink in with Sonya. While she was hearing what he said and while in the back of her mind she knew what he said was true even if she didn’t want to believe it. Ever since she’d met Coral she knew the kid was different, but she never would’ve guess this.
“But she’s just a little girl how could she possibly be a weapon? She can’t walk or use the bathroom by herself for goodness sake. And you’re telling me she’s some government made super baby?” Sonya said unaware that her voice was sounding a little hysteric.
“I know it sounds crazy, but even with as small as she is, she can already use some of her abilities. I’ve seen her do it before. The older she gets the more dangerous she becomes, and she’s already as dangerous as a atom bomb. She was kidnapped from our facilities and we’re worried that if some other country or terrorist group finds out they’ll come after her. We can’t allow her to fall into the wrong hands and that’s why we have to take her back. It’s for her own safety, and it’s for your own safety that you let her go. We can protect her and the country, so please allow me to take her back to my team.” Silas asked calmly.
“The country? Please they want her back so the people don’t find out about the unethical experiments you’ve been performing on children. And as for my safety Coral would never hurt me. I don’t care how dangerous you say she is.” Sonya confident at least in what she was saying. She knew that even if Coral was what he was saying she was, and that was a long stretch, that she really did have nothing to worry about because Coral wouldn’t hurt a fly you could see that in her eyes. Him on the other hand looked much more threatening and dangerous with each second.
“It’s not Coral you should worry about hurting you. It’s my teammates you should be worried about. You have to look at this from our side. You went running with Coral for no reason, and then on top of that you can do things that no normal high school student should be able to do. It doesn’t look right.” Silas said obviously trying to word things as best he could not to mention something in particular.
“Why do you say that? Do you think I’m some kind of terrorist? Do you think I’m trying to take Coral away so that I can use her as a weapon. Because if you do then I’m afraid that your brain stopped working and you should seek medical attention very soon.” Sonya snapped at him finally figuring out what he didn’t want to say.
“Well can you blame me for thinking that? Look at all the things you can do, and then on top of that you don’t want to talk about why you can do those things. Unless you want to explain to me how you’ve done what you’ve done, and if you don’t then there’s nothing I can do to help you.” Silas said sounding angry with her attitude.
“What my abilities include are none of your business. And yes I can blame you for thinking that way. I did have a good reason for running with Coral because you have to look at it from my point of view. You lot looked like some sort of scary group of kidnappers and I was only running from the frightening hooligans whom I thought was trying to harm me and Coral. So yes it’s your fault for thinking crazy things like that. And one last thing for the record, I don’t need your help I can take care of this on my own.” Sonya said his anger fueling her own. It seemed like they were just agitating the other into becoming angrier. In fact she was starting to see the creases in his forehead a bit more clearly now. She wouldn’t have cared that she’d made him mad, but looking at the situation now she didn’t think that making him mad while she was lying under him was a smart idea. And if she didn’t try to repair the mood somehow very soon she was going to probably be in big trouble, because it wouldn’t take much to remind him that he was the one in control here not her and there was no telling what he might do to her. She’d thought he was a good guy at first, but that was probably just an act, he could easily be some sort of horrible pervert and she’d been dumb enough to let him in the car with her! She started to say something about agreeing to disagree when he spoke first.
“You don’t need my help huh, I don’t think you really understand how much trouble you’re in at this point kid.” Silas said with a more than dangerous look on his eye. Sonya was about to protest that she was capable of handling any situation thrown at her, but she would agree to consider his offer (although not really) when much to her horror Silas brought his mouth down on hers. The little bit of function she had regain in her brain was suddenly gone again. While she was mad that he just decided to do this on his own she couldn’t say she exactly hated his kiss, however she wasn’t happy at all with the fact that his hand was now roaming up under her shirt. She started moving around trying to throw him off so that she could get away but he barely even noticed. Just his weight alone was enough to hold her down. Then she tried moving her head but he just went right along with her. She was getting seriously pissed! He knew she was too, but he didn’t show any signs of stopping so she bit down on his tongue as hard as she could. He stopped finally! But only long enough to spit blood out of his mouth then he continued to kiss along her neck so as to avoid more injuries.
“Silas I swear if you don’t stop right now—“ Sonya tried to threaten.
“You’ll what? You’re at my mercy don’t you understand that? You’re completely helpless despite all your talk and all your skills.” He said kissing down her jaw and to her collar bone. There had only been one time in Sonya’s whole life where she’d felt helpless to another person, and at that time she swore on her mother’s dead soul that she would never feel that way ever again no matter what. So she started trying to fight back again refusing to just sit by and allow him to do this to her. She started kicking wildly since her legs were the only part of her that could really move. She came close to kicking just the right spot too, but missed and before she could try again he flipped her over on her stomach so that she could move even less. Sonya wanted to just start screaming at him in frustration, but she couldn’t risk waking up Coral and upsetting her.
“You’re an asshole. Did you know that? Hmm? Did you?” Sonya said into the pillow while her traitorous stomach continued to do acrobatics each time his lips met her skin. “And I don’t care what you do because I swear to you I’m not giving her back! I could never send her off with such a horrible man! I can take care of all of this on my own just you wait!” Sonya yelled into the pillow.
Silas simply laughed at her yet again and said, “Yeah go ahead and try because you’ve doing so well so far.” Sonya yelled furiously into the pillow until she felt him start to pull up the hem of the tank top.
“STOP!” Sonya said trying to roll away from him so that he wouldn’t see her back.
“Just because you tell me to doesn’t mean—“ Silas said then stopped abruptly when he got a look at her back. She knew what her back looked like. Every morning when she got dressed she couldn’t help but look at the thousands of scars carved into her back. She had always been careful so that others didn’t see her horrible disfigurement. Now someone who was already suspicious of her background, and was someone she hated had seen her most private secret.
“…how did you get these scars? Who did this to you?” Silas asked sounding shocked. She couldn’t see his face but she was sure it was twisted in disgust. Her scars were deep and a pinkish-purplish color, there were indented gashes in spots and raised in others. They ran all the way from her lower back to the top of her shoulders and because of that she rarely ever wore anything that didn’t have sleeves. The only reason she was wearing a tank top now was because she had been getting ready for bed when she had to run out suddenly.
“Why should I tell you! It’s none of your damn business! Now get off of me you asshole!” Sonya said outraged to the point that she felt tears begin to sting her eyes. She just buried her head further into the pillow trying to get the tears to soak into the pillow and not make her face red.
“If you tell me what happened I’ll get up, but until you do I’m not going anywhere and neither are you.” Silas said firmly as he effortlessly flipped her back over on her back.
“Why do you even care! My scars have nothing to do with Coral so just leave me alone you stupid jerk!” Sonya said a little too loudly. She quickly turned over to look and see if Coral had woken up. She stirred a little bit like she might be waking up, but then drifted off to sleep. She looked back at Silas, mad that he’d almost made her wake up Coral. He had a strange look of confusion on his face like he couldn’t make up his mind about something.
“I don’t know why I care, I just do. Now will you just tell me already? Perfectly okay with staying on top of you all night, but eventually I’m going to get board if you catch my drift.” Silas said smiling a little knowing he’d won. He thought she would freak out and just spill her guts as if it didn’t matter to her. She wasn’t though, she didn’t care how long he stayed there or what he did. Nothing could make her talk about that day, she couldn’t bare having to relive those memories. Not to mention she wondered if he really could bring himself to rape a girl while an infant was still in the room. While Sonya currently thought he was a horrid bastard, she didn’t think he was that sick of an individual. “Well I’m waiting, and you should know I’m getting kind of tired of waiting so might find something else to start doing.” Silas threatened.
“Go ahead I’ve already experienced a pain worse than being raped, you saw the result of that carved into my back.” Sonya said coldly. She was relieved to see him flinch at the word “rape” which supported her theory that he wasn’t that kind of person at all. He was just trying to scare the information out of her.
Silas sighed then said, “Fine you win. I’m not as horrible as you seem to think I am, I could never actually force anyone to have sex. I’m just concerned, that’s all.” Silas rolling off of her and laying down next to her. “Besides I’m exhausted and doing a kid like you just really isn’t worth it. You’re a bit too feisty--my tongue still hurts you know.” Silas said throwing more wood into the already raging inferno that was Sonya’s anger.
“That’s it? No more questions? No more ‘you can’t win’ speeches? You’re just going to insult me then go to sleep—you should be grateful I didn’t bite it off.” Sonya said confused and for some reason felt a little let down.
“Well if you really want to…no I really can’t you’re just a kid. You may look older than you are, but that’s it.” Silas said closing his eyes and rolling over showing her the conversation was over. She slammed the extra pillow down on his head then went to sleep on the other bed with Coral curling around her like a protective cocoon. Before her eyes even closed all the way she was out.

Sonya suddenly found herself in a desert area with hard red earth all around her. She didn’t really care to know why she was there, but she knew she was looking for something and she had to find it. Sonya started turning around to see which way would be best for her to go when a little ways off from where she was there stood an enormous building. It was no more than a large grey square with barb wire fences surrounding it. As intimidating as the building looked she knew that it was where she needed to be, and what she was looking for was inside that building.
Somehow that trip didn’t take hardly any time, it was more like in the blink of an eye and she was standing on the other side of the barbed wire fence. She started looking around again trying to figure out what direction she needed to go in order to find what she was looking for. She determined that what she wanted was inside the building and calling for her to come. Sonya started running toward the door that would take her inside however she could barely pick up her feet and yet she was making progress toward the door. When she opened it she was in another environment altogether. There were metal and concrete walls all around her and no windows, it felt like a prison. She started down the hallways passing what felt like hundreds of doors, but she kept going knowing that what she was looking for was somewhere ahead of her and not behind any of the doors she was passing.
When she reached the end of the hallway she pushed the heavy looking lead doors out of her way and walked into a large open room several stories high. There were several hanging metal bridges connecting the different floors above her, and giant machines loomed like sky scrapers everywhere. Sonya looked around walking slowly searching for the little one whom she’d lost. Then she remembered that she was looking for Coral so she called out softly like she had when she’d been searching the house before.
“Coral, baby where are you? Are you in here?” Sonya said gently as she walked around another huge machine. When she rounded the corner she saw Coral standing out side a room looking through a window. Sonya walked over to her and picked her up so they could look through the window together. Sonya was shocked to see another child, the same age as Coral but he had strait fair blond hair unlike Coral’s curly brown ringlets.
“Who’s that Coral? Is he your friend?” Sonya asked but she knew that he wasn’t something so simple as a friend to Coral. He was something more, something much closer and dearer to her. “Is he your brother Coral?”
“Bradur.” Coral repeated confirming her relation to the boy. Sonya saw Coral’s eye tear up and then the little girl turned her big green eyes to Sonya. “Bradur! Soya, bradur! Soya, bradur!” She patted Sonya’s face urgently trying to convey something to her about the little boy. She didn’t need Coral to speak any clearer than she had though. She knew that Coral wanted her brother out so they could be together again. She missed him terribly and it wasn’t enough for her to be free on her own she needed him.
“Okay Coral, okay. I’ll get him out. I promise I’ll get him out of there. Then I’ll take you both far, far away so they can’t find you again. Don’t worry I’ll take care of it.” Sonya said gently smoothing Coral messy curls. They just stood there for a moment looking at him drawing on the table. Sonya couldn’t tell what it was he was drawing from here, but she had a feeling it was extraordinary considering a ten month old child was drawing it.
She wasn’t sure when she stopped dreaming but suddenly everything around her was black and she just had this feeling of floating. Somewhere far away she heard noises and they bothered her, because the last time she’d been asleep she awoke to being carried like a sack of potatoes. She didn’t have the same feeling as last time but something felt wrong about the noise. Then she heard nothing again. She wanted to drift back to sleep, but not knowing what caused the noise was bothering her too much for her to handle and the more she thought about it the more she felt herself waking up.
Sonya moved her very sore and still injured arm to rest on Coral wanting to draw some strength from her presence, but she wasn’t there. Sonya’s eyes shot open instantly searching around her side of the room for her. When she didn’t see her she went to roll over look around the other side of the room, but something around her wrist kept her from moving. Sonya threw the pillow away to see that her hand had been handcuffed to the bed. She knew then that Silas and Coral had already left. The anger Sonya had felt for Silas the night before was nothing compared to what she felt at that moment. This was a whole new level of anger. He’d played dirty, he attacked while she was asleep. If he was going to play like this he should have just shot her in the back. She hated herself
in that moment for not having considered this. She knew he was in this to win and there wasn’t anything he wasn’t willing to do to take Coral back to his leader.
Sonya yelled as loud as she could to vent some of her anger so that she could think of a plan. They couldn’t be that far away, their noise had been what had woken her up. That meant she had to act fast if she wanted to save Coral. Sonya pulled her knee up to her chest and reached up under her jeans to unhook the Velcro holster from her calf. She only kept guns with her incase she was ever in really big trouble and it was a life or death situation. While this wasn’t a life or death situation there was just only one way she was going to get the handcuffs off and that was if she shot the lock. Normally this would be an easy task, but she only had one free hand to shoot carefully with and that was her injured hand. She took the safety off the gun and put the barrel flat against the key hole of the handcuff that chained her to the bed. Sonya closed her eyes and held her breath bracing herself for the pain the recoil would cause her injury. Then she pulled the trigger.

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