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by Jeff
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Eating in a really awful restaurant.
After two weeks, the day had finally come! Doug and Carrie got all dressed up and headed out, excited about their reservation at Café Marcio, the hippest, hottest new eatery in town. Carrie was a hard person to win over when it came to food; they were always searching for a new favorite restaurant.

The couple was immediately shown to a romantic table for two on the patio, where the attentive, gracious waiter made sure their glasses were never empty, and their meals were promptly served.

Doug savored the aroma wafting off his aged, marinated filet, mouth watering in anticipation as he carefully sliced into it with his knife. Popping a piece of steak into his mouth, his anticipation of heaven quickly turned to an actuality of hell. It was like biting into a charcoal briquette... one that had been marinated in what he could only guess was some putrid combination of cigar ash and decomposed citrus fruit.

He fought the urge to spit it out, opting to preserve his dignity by gulping down a twenty-dollar glass of wine as he looked to Carrie, who thoughtfully chewed her food.

Dessert was ever worse. The soufflé tasted like a sponge. Not a light, fluffy sponge cake... an actual sponge. Like the dirty one he used to scrub the road grime off his convertible's rims earlier that afternoon. In fact, Doug thought the car sponge probably would have tasted better.

But the real high point of the outing was the three hundred and fifty dollar bill.

As they climbed into their car and headed home, Carrie looked at her husband.

"What did you think?"

"Words can't even begin to describe."

"I know, right?" She replied enthusiastically. "It was sooo good... I can't wait to go back!"

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